Zen Sports Therapy & Massage

Do you need to be trained athlete/gym bunny to have a Sports Massage?

No, most of my clients are every day hard working hero’s, office workers, drivers & busy parents who need a treat.

What is Sports Therapy?

As a certified Sports Therapist my job is to help clients Revitalize, Repair & Rebalance through deep tissue massage, PNF stretches and soft tissue manipulation.

Do you offer discounts for regular customers?

Absolutely, for those who require regular maintenance I offer block booking discounts. (Further details below)

Parking is available at the rear of the building or to the left on Maude Street.
The entrance is at the front of the building through the big green door or at the rear door. Please press either bell for attention.

Prices & Payments

  • 4 x 1 Hour block booking savings £100 (To used be within 6 months of payment)
  • 1 Hour Sports Massage Treatment £30
  • 30 Mins Sports Massage Treatment £20
  • 10 Mins Sports Massage Treatment £5

Bank Transfer to: Wolfpack Training UK ( REF ZEN ST)

SORT CODE: 111093


Booking Enquiry Form

To book via Bank Transfer please use the form below

Recommendations For Treatments

  • Rest and relaxation treatment- As and when required
  • Regularly daily activity, stress relief, regular sports/gym or non competitive athletes- 30 mins-1 hour every 3 months
  • Tough daily activity, very regularly sport/gym or competitive athletes- 30 mins-1 hour monthly
  • Elite competitive athletes, or during endurance competition training- 30 mins-1 hour fortnightly
  • Injuries- To be assessed on an individual basis during Assessment Appointment 

More Info

As a certified Sports Therapist my purpose is to keep you as injury free and as actively mobile as possible, but it’s not just for fitness people. Daily life and repetitive movements cause exactly the same aches and pains I see from sporting athletes. So if you’re working hard, if you are a busy parent or whatever your daily routine, if you’ve got aches and pains I’m here to help you relax, revive & repair.

What is a Sports Therapist?  I have the same musculoskeletal training as a Physiotherapist so any; muscle, tendon, ligament, flexibility complaints or injury I’m here for you. I use a range of skills and techniques for combination of; Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Pointing & PNF Stretching to help you become the most supple version of yourself. Nobody likes to be in pain or have daily life interrupted so I’m here to help. The main focus of my work is get you back to good health and then ease off our sessions to just maintenance. Which is why most of my clients book in regular appointments to prevent further injuries and reduce illness through lymph drainage, which both help keep your body in great condition.

My style of massage, as with all my work, is purely to suit your individual needs. If you’ve looking for stress relief and need a more relaxing massage to help drain away anxiety, just ask. If you’ve been hammering the gym and you’re in desperate need to have those tough muscles firmly loosened to get you back fighting strong, then that’s what I’ll provide. As with all clients I work with you throughout to get the best out of your session and I provide helpful after care advice so you can get the best long term results too.

Please note all new clients must book an initial 1 hour Assessment Appointment, £30. This is to complete a Range Of Motion (ROM) assessment prior to your first massage. In the case of injury or complaint I need to ensure a Sports Massage is the best treatment for you before we go ahead. For 99% of these appointments we will go ahead with your massage treatment as normal. However on the rare occasion we are unable to work together, I may need to refer you to a GP, so you will only be charged a consultation fee of £10 and the remaining fee will be fully refunded via the original payment method, (Bank Transfer or cash). I do my best to suit clients needs so I aim to be as flexible as I can with appointments however once confirmation has been sent I do require 48 hours notice for any cancellations/amendments or the session will remain fully chargeable. All other prices are as below.