Zen Mind

A ‘Zen Mind’ to me means being at peace with yourself. I’ve learned that to be successful I have to bring myself to the present and use conditioning to make each day count towards what I truly want. But how do we do that if we don’t even know what we want? Where do we start and how do we know it’s right for us?

Whenever I was depressed, I was living in the past.
Whenever I was anxious, I was living in the future.

A great mind comes from being in a great state, to get in a great state we need to learn how to condition ourselves ever day to make the best choices. How many people wake up every day and start their day looking at social media? We’re starting our days looking at other peoples lives, why? Does this mean we should live like them and ignore our own needs? How many times have you lost time during the day looking at social media? How many times has this happened and your day is in a rush because of it? I know I’ve done this, many a time, until I decided to make a change. How many thinks do you not have time for? Home cooking, holidays, sleep, spending time with the people we love, exercise…So what if we collected all this social media time we spend and put it together? The average person spends 100 mins per day on social media, add it up that’s 11 hours a week, that’s an extra nights sleep. How about over a year? It’s 25 days, TWENTY FIVE DAYS A YEAR we spend looking at other peoples lives. Yes that’s your time and you choose to give it away. Over the average life span it’s FOUR YEARS of your life you choose to spend on; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…shall I go on. Don’t tell me you don’t have time, you’ve just been give 4 extra years.

Instead of saying I don’t have time/money/energy that, change that phrase to…
“It’s not a priority…”
See how it feels

But now you know this information, will it make a difference? We can know things intellectually and still not make a change. Our fears or anxiety of feeling left out takes over and suddenly the importance of what a gift it is above of been given more time just disappears. We stick to our old habits, we make weak efforts and we’ve lost the time all over again. Are you tired of this? Are you bored of making the same excuses and coming up with new and inventive ways to stay stuck in that same position? The only way to do this once and for all is to take MASSIVE ACTION. To find out more book your seat below.

Please note all talks are suggested to bring paper and pens for your own note making. Individuals are asked to come with an open mind.