Zen Nutrition & Massage

The Zen talks are a way for me to help others uncover a more balanced lifestyle. I love working with people I can relate to. It’s important for me to openly share my experiences in making new healthy lifestyle changes so others know they can do it too. The talks I give come from a professional or personal experience teaching mindfulness techniques. My aim with each session is to help people see the stresses and strains of life in a different perspective to aid them to break down the beliefs that are holding them back from the life they truly deserve.

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Zen Sports Therapy Massage is all about getting you back to being the best version of yourself. We all have busy lives yet when we take time to put ourselves first we suddenly have an abundance of energy, time and patience to handle life better. Whilst we can’t do anything about a busy job, hectic social life or raising children, we can look for ways to make it easier. Massage treatments are just that, a treat. No matter if you’re a part time athlete or a stay at home, hardworking parent, you deserve a bit of you time.

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