Run Group- Team Wolfpack

If you can run a mile in 15 mins your mile is ‘Sub 15’, if you can run a 5k in 30 mins your 5k is ‘Sub 30’. With Sub Zero I have eliminated the pressure of pace or feeling like you have to ‘keep up’. These session are designed to allow runners to choose how and when to up the pace. You gradually up the miles how you choose, at your own pace with the options of rests and recovery when you need it. Our group are all about choosing what’s right for you and having fun with running. If you want to come along, have a bimble and chatter away while you’re running great we love a good natter! If you want to come along and flog your pudding off doing your own thing, we’re still going to cheer you on as we are Wolfpack!


Who are these sessions for?

All sessions are aimed at newer runners who are Level 1 and our intermediate runners at Level 2. Our Level 1 runners love to catch up with friends during a session so they prefer a milder pace 12-16 min miles. Our Level 2 runners like build up a sweat with our sessions and aim to set a pace under 12 min miles. Each session give you the control to choose, how far/how fast you go and how long the breathers are.

Can children attend?

Yes. Ages 0-12 can attend any session for 50p each with one full paying adult.  (Prams & pushchairs can be taken on the track at owns own risk, risk assessments will be carried out prior to each session.) Anyone under 12 does NOT have to be booked in advance and can be pay at each session. Ages 12-18 can attend any session for HALF the adult price but MUST book in advance for insurance purposes. Ages 0-16 MUST have a responsible adult ON SITE at all times.

Do I need to run at a certain pace?

No. Each session is designed to allow you to go at your own pace while taking regular breaks when you need to. The reps are given only as a GUIDE and each runner are welcome to do as much as they choose.

  Can I drop in to any session?

All sessions need to be booked and paid for at least 3 days in advance, for insurance purposes. (Children aged 0-12 do not have to book in advance and can attend any session for 50p each provided they are accompanied and monitored by one full paying adult)

Why has the price changed for the sessions?

To ensure everyone’s safety I’ve had to increase my insurance and hire a new facility for some of our session as this version of Sub Zero includes the option to bring children and to use the track for our running fitness sessions.

Bank Transfer to: Wolfpack Training UK ( REF Sub Zero)

SORT CODE: 111093


All new Wolfpack clients must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) Please email this to or bring this along to your 1st session.

So what are you waiting for, grab your running shoes and lets go!

Up to a mile warm up &