Level 2 HIIT

For the last 18 weeks Level 2 have been working hard through the HIIT for Runners program and I’m delighted with the results & feedback. The whole ethos of Level 2 is you’re already working hard on your sport of choice so you want to get stronger to up your game and prevent injuries. The HIIT for Runners was so much fun but it’s time to change the game, once the body gets used to a routine we risk a plateau. So it’s time to switch it up!

Welcome to KILLER CORE This time we are getting ready for battle with all athletes, be it; cycling, swimming, football, weight lifting, surfers like me or runners, whatever your sport this core focused class is for you! If you don’t want a gym membership but you want to cross training to maximise your sport results and minimise injury I’ve got you covered. As a Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer, qualified in many techniques,  I work hard to create a program not only to build strength in our main session but increase flexibility with our extended cool down routine. We all know the secret of sport is in our core strength so our new Level 2 KILLER CORE is kicking off in style! I’ve taken the best exercises to work get your inner core muscles fired up and ready to take your sport to the next level. 

As with all of my classes the exercise sare adaptable to suit your level of fitness, so if you are regularly active this is ideal for you. No experience in HIIT required, comfortable workout clothing and a water bottle are ideal.

So where and when is this starting??? I need definite numbers so I can book the best venue ASAP. Please register your interest below and you’ll be the first to know via email of further details.

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