Level 1 HIIT THURSDAYS Eastbourne Sports Complex

FITNESS FOR BEGINNERS, Inch Loss classes are exactly what they say, clients are dropping dress sizes, boosting their confidence and getting fitter every week which is why these sell out. As with every class I do, the choice of how hard you work and how far you push it is entirely up to you. I’ve been that person hating every minute of a class and never returning and I don’t want that for anyone else. In HIIT classes we work to our own abilities but we encourage each other as a group. Every exercise can be regressed to suit all abilities including absolute beginners and progressed to wherever you choose to take it. In every class you pick a mat and stay there for the hour, what you choose to get out of that hour is entirely up to you. We are normal people with busy lives who just want to enjoy getting fit so expect a warm welcome and friendly faces to greet all newcomers.

Every session includes a gradual warm up to get the blood flowing and prepare you safely for the main event. Our main session involves 4 rounds with breaks in between each one. Each round lasts for 8 mins with different 4 exercises in each round. We do each exercise as for just 30 seconds each and repeat this 4 times. In those 30 seconds you can perform the exercise once, twice or go for it, the choice is YOURS. We finish each session with a final relaxing stretching session which includes optional deep breathing, this is all to help prevent you feeling sore the next day.


TEAMS-Do you want to get fit with your; friend, family member, partner or work colleague, for that extra support and encouragement? Great two people can work together on one mat! Pick a team name to add on the form below so you will do the whole session together. While you are working hard, your partner stands by your side cheering you on to keep you going, when it’s time to switch you get to be the cheer squad, and have a breather. Together you stick by each other, you keep each other motivated and you make a pact to get through it together!

SINGLE WARRIORS-If you want to smash through the whole workout alone then choose’ single warrior’ to get the best workout of all and keep a mat to yourself!

  • Thursday Eastbourne Sports Complex
  • £6 per class EACH (book your place for the full season to avoid disappointment)
  • Look out for the ‘Early Bird’ offer of £30 EACH to book the full season (6 sessions) saving you £6!
  • Comfortable fitness clothes (layers are great) and a water bottle

Everyone feels it after the first week and I make no apologies for  this because it shows you just how hard you’ve worked and proves how strong you are. If you feel nervy on your first class just remember we all start from somewhere and where you start certainly isn’t where you’ll finish. All new clients booking the full course are invited to a measure up to track their progress over the 6 weeks, this is entirely optional.

  • Next Measure ups at Eastbourne Sports Complex 4PM-8PM THURDAY 15TH JUNE (in reception) see form to book in!

Places are limited as I don’t overfill the room so please see below how to book and pay via Bank Transfer or in cash.

Bank Transfer to: Wolfpack Training UK ( REF ILC)

SORT CODE: 111093


All new Wolfpack clients must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (DOWNLOAD HERE-PAR-Q) Please email to wolfpacktraining@outlook.com or bring this along to your first session.