20to1 Running for beginners

If you can walk for 20 mins without stopping then this four week course will help teach you how to run at least one mile.

We all have to start somewhere. My running journey started when I went outside alone and ran for 7 seconds before I had to stop. My heart was pounding, I felt dizzy, sick, I felt like I was going to die. I could have admitted defeat there and then but I continued on. Little by little it started to build and through perseverance and determination it lead into running half marathons. My style of teaching is based on the fact I was that shy overweight girl in all the layers who started from nothing. Now as a certified Sports Therapist and England Athletics Run Leader along with my Personal Training experience I teach not only how to be safe but how to train at your own pace and ability. You will learn about injury prevention, training methods and functional movement techniques all to help you become a strong runner. In just four weeks you’ll learn to become someone who enjoys running and make it fit in with your lifestyle.

Every week you will be given tasks and homework to help expand your skill sets and get you ready for the following weeks session.

Week 1 Safety Week

How to get started, keeping yourself safe and where to run.

Week 2 Technique Week

How to feel more relaxed and confident.

 Week 3 Health Week

Breathing techniques and motivational tips.

 Week 4 Progression Week

Clothing & footwear. How to keep up the skills, running races and the next step.