Food shaming

Has anyone ever questioned what you eat or made you feel bad about your food choices? Did it ever really helped you? Firstly I don't care what you eat secondly I don't expect anyone to eat like I do BUT we do need to accept responsibility for our food choices. We all really kind of know [...]

Don’t be a food A-hole

I was asked the other day about my 'fussy' eating habits. A client has a sister who is also coeliac and it can cause a few disagreements in the kitchen.  I think everyone is free to eat what they choose and you can still make the best choices for you in any situations without being [...]

The magic of not giving a f#%k

For a long time now I've been aware of a magical power I believe we all have the capability to possess. It's called the power of choice. Now you can choose to use this power for good or evil, at any time, but once you truly understand the motivation that's empowering these choices, it becomes [...]

Get out of your own way..

Something came up recently where a project didn't turn out as planned. I was thinking what I could have done different and what were the lessons to learn. After a couple of days, I realised it had turned into rumination. Rumination is the death of progress. Around this time a wise young Fox reminded me, [...]

What is ‘Sub Zero’?

A runners Sub level is the fastest time it takes them to complete a distance. If you can finish a 5k in under 45 mins, this would make you Sub 45. If you can then complete the 5k in 44 mins, you become a Sub 44. The whole ethos of 'Sub Zero' is that we [...]

Bye bye social media..

Woke up this morning with a video in my inbox. It's of a guy emphatically swearing his opinions regarding weight loss. Ahhh man, thanks, but I really couldn't care less.  I use social media for work in the hope to spread positive vibes and also to help advertise my services. Personally I use it to see [...]

How to keep motivated

See there is where it gets difficult because people have motivation, in abundance. It's just up to you how to use it and what it's for.  6 year ago I knew all the best take away deals, I knew exactly where to pick up my Caramel Frappuccino with extra cream, I was up to date [...]