Why we should all say no more often

Last week I was in a brilliant meeting. (It’s rare people say this because meeting can be rather tedious and boring but honestly, this one was great.) I was around likeminded people, discussing aspects of business I’m passionate about. We had great input from everyone and the leader of the meeting brought great insight and [...]

Why we NEVER achieve that goal and 3 solid rules to finally make it happen

So the diet started on Monday and we got till lunch time when Sally brought in those damned cream cakes and well, I couldn’t be rude, it was her birthday so I'll start next Monday. I weighed myself on the hour every hour over the weekend and only drank water and ate one apple every meal time and [...]

Why you never have enough time

It was brought to my attention that someone said hello to me at the gym & I didn't notice because I had my headphones in. Before I begin here's the facts to know.1. The guy who told me this is a lovely man I see often at the gym and he 100% understands gym time [...]

How I cured my psoriasis

If you've been lucky to never experience psoriasis then just know, it's a frustrating dry skin condition. For so many people it's something we live with all our lives.Many years ago this was the back of my neck. I lost all my hair on the base line and the the psoriasis started to creep up [...]

Portion control 

For nearly 15 years I wasn't allowed to leave the table until my plate was cleared. Sometimes it's good to look back so we can understand where food issues come from. Everyone has their own way of parenting and it's up to the individual how this goes. But in recognising our history we remake the [...]

“I food cheat too!”

This week I've been very privileged to be part of a local business conference. In my previous role I always felt quite respected in my field but in the fitness industry I'm a newbie. I was asked a lot of questions about me and my business, which was challenging but also gave me some great [...]

Boosting Immunity 

I'm quite open to admit I suffer from two forms of autoimmune, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (in full remission) and I'm a coeliac. To people who haven't faced these or similar it's basically your own body attacking it's self violently and at times you are pretty much dumbfounded as to why. The coeliac first came to light when [...]

Food shaming

Has anyone ever questioned what you eat or made you feel bad about your food choices? Did it ever really helped you? Firstly I don't care what you eat secondly I don't expect anyone to eat like I do BUT we do need to accept responsibility for our food choices. We all really kind of know [...]