Why you never have enough time

It was brought to my attention that someone said hello to me at the gym & I didn’t notice because I had my headphones in.
Before I begin here’s the facts to know.
1. The guy who told me this is a lovely man I see often at the gym and he 100% understands gym time is ‘my time’
2. The guy who said hello used to treat me like crap when I was 7 stone heavier and now has no clue who I am but still try’s to flirt with me every time he sees me.
3. Headphones in, in all walks of life means; unless there is immediate danger, I just don’t want to talk. This is a universal rule.
4. This is the podcast I was listening to: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ted-talks-daily-sd-video/id160892972?mt=2&i=1000390340547

Now if you’ve had chance to listen to this podcast and you’re confused, that’s ok, just bookmark it because one day it will become useful. If you’ve listen to it and life just jumped up and smacked you round the head with information you didn’t know…welcome to our club. If you’re familiar with this concept on the podcast let’s do a virtual high five. Or if you’ve no idea what a podcast is, 100% listen to it. In fact, go now and I’ll wait.

Ok you good?

So here’s what we take away from this. We all have only one currency in life. It’s not money, it’s not power, it’s not who our friends and family are or how many likes we get, it’s time. Our only point to living and the true meaning of life is how and why and where we spend our time. I know, mind blow. This is just my theory anyway. But here’s what happened when I created this theory. I used the second most powerful currency in life, choice. I made a decision. When you do that, and I mean decision so powerful and with so much meaning that it actually is 100% made. Not just, the diet starts Monday or I really should start working out more or I’ll pay that bill next week. When you decide and commit by taking massive action, guess what? It actually happens. So when I made a decision that my time was more valuable than any commodity, what happened? I got my life back.

The average person spends 2 hours 51 mins on their smart phone A DAY. We say we don’t have enough time to; eat, sleep, see the ones we love or even catch that movie you’ve been wanting to see. Yet we spend 3 and a half days every month on our phones. Why? Because like everything else, we’re plugged into the matrix. This information isn’t new and isn’t a rally to get you to dump your phone in the bin and live in the wilderness forever not knowing what Kim Kardashian is up to next. It’s to help you make the best choices for you.

As said in the podcast, a small, select group of people make the decision that influence how your day is going to go. What you see, what information you become newly aware of and because they know how humans work, they get to choose how to influence how you feel. You know that teenager who is always on their phone. It’s actually not always their fault. It’s because these creators of social media don’t add a stopping point. The next video rolls into the next one, we’re sent outrageous news to get us to read more and share, it’s relentless. The more screen time we have, the better their investors will pay for advertising. You can filter all you want but items will still pop up to aim to catch your attention, your time.

So how do we combat this? By making different choices. Is that funny cat video as important as a baby’s first steps with your own eyes? Are all those pictures saved on your phone as heartwarming as the feeling you get from actually remembering a day out with your friends by memory? Are the videos of the gig as much fun as it was actually being at the venue experiencing it and not wasting your experience behind your phone camera? How many 100’s of pictures of that coffee shop trip actually made it into a frame at home?

Have a think about all the things you don’t have time for. Now go into the settings on your phone and look at your battery usage. It’s sobering to know.

At the dinner table, try no phones. On a weekend, try a no phone family time. When you’re out at the weekend try leaving the phone at home and enjoy everything by eye. When people say they wish to see what you’ve seen, well, you know what, you could have been there to see it and created a real memory. When you’re at the gym and some guy try’s to hit on you for the 100th time when you’re doing glute kick backs, pick up your phone and throw it at them, or maybe just focus on your form.

Truth is we can’t expect others to want the best for us, only we know what’s best for us, so we have to filter our own worlds. When the greed of others gives us no stopping point, we have to make the decision to hold onto our own precious time and make the choice to put the phone down ourselves.

I have no interest in a person who doesn’t even know me. I have a busy life and I want to get to the gym, do my workout and if I can listen to great informative podcasts at the same time, I’m happy. I really couldn’t care less what a Taylor Swift is or does. I don’t care about the latest “celeb” scandals to try get my attention. I choose to use my time wisely and in ways only I enjoy. I’m sorry I didn’t read on Facebook that your dog passed away. If we spent more time together in real life I would have consoled you over coffee. It may seem rude that I didn’t know about your; promotion, pregnancy, new house, holiday, or that you love your new tattoo on Instagram. Sorry, not sorry, I was in real life doing what makes me happiest. When people truly matter, we make physical time for them.

This weekends challenge is to go for a long walk without using your phone. Get back to nature. Chose time for you. Let me know how it goes…


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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3 Responses to Why you never have enough time

  1. Sexy Suze says:

    Very inspiring Fin. Definitely has helped me to open my eyes and view the world from my perspective


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  3. Wonder Woman! says:

    Ready through you’re posts, and it feels like I’m reading my own words, if not eating them! I have no excuses, because the ones I’m using aren’t real. Here’s to the future, one im beginning to build
    For me! Thank you for showing me
    This can be done, not in a week, or a month, but over time.


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