“I food cheat too!”

This week I’ve been very privileged to be part of a local business conference. In my previous role I always felt quite respected in my field but in the fitness industry I’m a newbie. I was asked a lot of questions about me and my business, which was challenging but also gave me some great insights. But also some worrying thoughts. 

One big question that came up was, what is Wolfpack? To define it in a nutshell I can only try my best to explain. I was once the underdog and at one point in my life I chose to accept this limitation. One day something snapped and the underdog turned into a one woman Wolfpack. From this, the kindness of a stranger changed everything. I decided that if people care about me, I care about them and so the full pack was formed. The ethos of Wolfpack is we all want to be the best version of ourselves we can be and we’re learning how best to do that whilst having fun along the way. It’s not just about health & fitness, it’s about the camaraderie and social side. People have come from different backgrounds and lifestyles and created a connection in enjoying getting fit and health together. In my minds eye, it’s everything I wanted when I was young r but couldn’t find.

I was really lucky to connect with one of the speakers after a seminar who spoke to me about how to connect more with my Wolfpack and those looking to be involved with Wolfpack. This is what really made me think. They said that I should be honest about my diet so people don’t feel I’m judging them. She said I should admit to indulging once in a while and tell my Wolfpack “I food cheat too”. Mouth wide open I took a massive step back thinking, Lady, you may be fabulous at PR but you know NOTHING about me or my Wolfpack. I’m not skinny, I’m not parading myself on Instagram as something to live up to. I’m teaching health and fitness because it’s my passion and you can be 100% sure I NEVER lie about my food. For a split second I felt judged but then as soon as I felt that I realised this poor girl had probably been judged all her life and in that instant I stopped taking it personally and realised it wasn’t about me. She didn’t know me but it was easier for her to think I lied than I was truly practicing good nutrition. It’s not about me, that was her own thoughts. I thanked her for her time, picked up my stack of business cards and walked away politely. 

If there’s one massive lesson I can pass on from this week then this is it. Those who judge you, judge themselves. I REFUSE to judge myself anymore which is why I say hand on heart I don’t judge others. I may not always agree with other behaviour but quite frankly it’s none of my business how other behave. Do I food cheat? No. My diet fuels me to do what I love. Do I eat alternatives that I know work for me. Yes. Would I ever lie to clients to get them to buy into what I’m selling. NO what’s the point!?! Do I care that people would rather see me as a fraud or failure rather than make changes for themselves? Nope. Life’s too short. 

What I do isn’t for everyone and that’s cool, I’m happy doing what I’m doing and I’m passionate about helping others make themselves happy too. So if you’re looking for a charlatan, keep looking. I do eat well, I do work out, I do go to bed early, I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs and I don’t put people down, I build them up!  

Being Wolfpack to me means you’re tired of being thought of as the underdog and you’re ready to take control of your life in a positive way. Something snapped in me a few years ago, I wasn’t willing to accept a mediocre life anymore and I’m sorry to disappoint but there’s just no going back. That’s for the insight. Time to step up my game even more 👍🏼


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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