Food macros for weight loss.

Food is broken up into various categories; micronutrients are the small elements that food provides such as vitamins and minerals that are essential to keep your body working at its best. Macronutrients are defined as the three main elements you body needs; Carbohydrates, Proteins and fats.

If you’ve ever googled about weight loss website or picked up a celeb magazine you may have already heard about macros, you may even know some information about them, but are they really that important when dieting? The easy answer is no. Weight loss is only ever simple maths, daily calories in v’s daily calories burned. Provided we use our biological data we can work out how many calories we need to eat each day to put ourselves into a deficit so we can use stored body fat for energy instead to lose weight. So why all the fuss about macros?

Have you ever hear of the Atkins diet? Carb cycling? Low carb high fat eating plan, aka LCHF? It becomes a religion; I should know I follow LCHF! Since I learned my own macros I realised that my body just doesn’t like simple carbohydrate and my family like me even less if I’ve eaten them. I get uncontrollably irritable, grumpy and sluggish. My system feels like I’ve eaten rocks and I cannot get my backside up in a morning. That’s happened enough times now that I’ve learned my limits and that it’s just not worth it. Learning your macros has nothing to do with the old school way of being taught how to lose weight. Low fat, low sugar, diet drinks. It’s all about uncovering your specific body type and to using that information to your advantage. So come on then Fin, what does it all mean?

Carbohydrate is basically the currency of energy used in the body. If you eat more than your body needs it will store it, like milk in the fridge. If you eat more carbohydrate again and again that isn’t used for energy, your body then changes that milk into butter or as we know it, body fat.

Protein is basically converted into the muscles in your body. The bigger we want to make them, the more we increase into the diet, BUT eat too many and the body starts to get overloaded and starts to rejects it.

Fat (from food) is essential to keep you alive. I repeat, healthy fats, from healthily food choices are vital to keep you alive. Does fat make you fat? Nope. Eating too many calories on a daily basis and telling yourself over and over that you’ll start the diet next week makes you store unwanted body fat. Make fat your friend and understand how it helps you to lose weight in the long run.

When we eat macros amounts that don’t suit our body type the body will reject this. You can look at a cream cake and put a stone on. Bloat like crazy after one small meal. Be exhausted every single day by mid day. Crash manic mood swings or blinding headaches. Or even spend your night wandering the hallways in desperate need of sleep you body won’t seem to let you have. But when we get it right we can turn the body into a lean, energetic fat burning machine! How?

Your body I capable of more than you can ever give it credit for. The way your combine your food for each meal can actually help you to burn fat. The type of food that you eat at certain times of the day can keep you feeling alert and energetic and provide the best night sleep you’ve ever had. This is what macros and ‘if it fits your macros’ aka IIFYM is all about. It’s uncovering the manual on how to run your body that you’ve never seen before. Only question is, now you know this information, would you like to know more? If yes, click HERE


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