Food shaming

Has anyone ever questioned what you eat or made you feel bad about your food choices? Did it ever really helped you? Firstly I don’t care what you eat secondly I don’t expect anyone to eat like I do BUT we do need to accept responsibility for our food choices.

We all really kind of know what is/isn’t good for us but sometimes it’s hard to make the best choices. Life often gets in the way and our plans adapt and change. Or that’s what I did say…

Years ago I had no filter, I ate a bland, beige diet of cheap and fast. I needed the sugar and carbs to get me through the long days in the office. Sugar kept the energy flowing and carbs to sent me into a comfortable food coma at the end of the day. But I had no idea just how much damage I was doing, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted with no guide for portion sizes or balance. Inside I was a ticking time bomb, outside I was beyond unhappy. These days I have the knowledge and experience to know what fuels me best and I’ve become accustom to a whole new nutritious lifestyle. My studies helped me to understand the chemical breakdown of nutrients and experience proved for me that cheating myself just doesn’t work!

I work with weight loss clients every day and one of the main concerns is how fat can I lose it. The truth is that unless you want to lose the weight for an event and put it all back on again, you have to come to terms and accept the fact that your life has to change. Not one human being who has a child has the same life after the child is born. Both you and your partner go through the 9 months of lifestyle changes and at the end you become someone new. This is the way we have to look at weight loss. You can have the baby fine but if you don’t step up to being a parent, what happens to the baby? Same as weight loss. If you have lived a different lifestyle and put on the weight and not had fitness in your life before, don’t think you can lose the weight and go back to normal. I did this 100’s of times and I was ignorant to myself.

If you want to lose weight for good, these are not rules, these are standards..

  1. Accept that your life, right now, is not in your control
  2. Accept that there is information you haven’t learned that can teach you how to get your life IN a better balance
  3. Accept that all your old habits have to change if you truly want to have a different life

The problem is the world is so quick these days. If you are willing to accept a plate of rubbish, you can have a roast dinner in 9mins from the microwave. You can order pizza in under an hour from your phone. Also you can find just about anywhere for unhealthy snacks and drinks at 1am. We are so used to this fast and cheap alternative that we are willing to sacrifice our lives. That’s right, that one packet of crisps, that energy drink, the microwaveable burgers, the ‘treat’ donuts, it’s killing you. Maybe not today or tomorrow but every bad food choice adds up and it’s cutting years off your life. It was never the single packet of crisps that got me to nearly 17 stones, it was every tiny choice every day that’s adds up. It was me telling myself, next week or, im on holiday, or I cant waste food or any other of the bullsh*t excuses I gave. I knew it was bad but it wasn’t until I took responsibility for my future and looked my son in the eyes trying to decide if that bag of haribos was worth NOT seeing him grow up and get married for. We have to be willing to do this to move forward and so many of us cannot face it because then we think bad of ourselves.

Fact is you can know something intellectually and still it doesn’t make a difference. We all know we spend too much time on our phones but we continue to do it. Recently I opened my Facebook to see vile pictures of a recent terrorist attack. I make so many choices to filter my world, I don’t read the news and I don’t watch it at home. This is because I made a decision that to be the best version of myself I just couldn’t have it in my life. The media is controlled to make us feel a certain way. I have no control over that or the worlds disasters and it makes me feel awful being made aware of horrors in the world I cannot do anything about. If I feel so strongly about a situation but it’s out of my control to change it, I make the choice to remove myself from the situation. I DONT WANT THE NEWS IN MY LIFE. So opening Facebook and seeing post after post of hate, racism, prejudice and bad news…yeah im OUT! I deleted my Facebook app and messenger for the same reasons. I use social media for work but I choose NOT to see the media portrayed by others meant to cause upset. It’s the same with bad food choices. Don’t lie to yourself and get the sweets for the kids because in 10 years time they will have to wean themselves off them too so teach them now, don’t lie just to have them in the house, you know it’s too much of a temptation. You do like fruit and veg, your body is naturally built to like them, it’s just that you have damaged your taste buds and the natural senses that much that you don’t recognise their value. Stop pretending that you don’t have time to cook, you can look at your phones history and see how long you have been on social media for. All that time could have been spend on food prep. You couldn’t use the internet or read at one point and look at you right now, so learn how to cook. It’s not optional, it’s a life skill.

If you need a short sharp wake up call then here it is. On the day you die the doctor will make a choice, you either died through natural causes or he has to cut you open and look inside to find out why you died. Once he knows he then tells your family. You have the power to choose right now what he says next to your children, your partner, your family & your friends. That’s the food shaming is something we al have to come to terms with today, for ourselves.


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Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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