Bye bye social media..

Woke up this morning with a video in my inbox. It’s of a guy emphatically swearing his opinions regarding weight loss. Ahhh man, thanks, but I really couldn’t care less. 
I use social media for work in the hope to spread positive vibes and also to help advertise my services. Personally I use it to see the beauty in life, this video I was sent couldn’t be further from that. 

Yesterday I had a conversation with my son about the importance of choosing your filters and how not adjusting these to what you need can affect our everyday lives. My personal choice is not to stay up to date about the news. The last person to hear about a natural disaster or a ‘celebrity’ mishap is me. It’s not that I don’t care about harm or pain in the world, it’s just that without this filter I couldn’t be who I am. If the saying is that ignorance is bliss, then I’ll have a pint of that please. I would rather not know than know and have the absolute feeling of powerlessness not being able to help. I would rather spend my time, energy and effort making a difference every day than being made aware of things completely out of my control. It’s pointless.

So tired of taking time out of my day to catch up with; Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter etc. But who is making me do this…me! I’m exhausted, no depleted of energy for social media, for what purpose? I filter my social media to try to see the good in the world and yet, it still comes into my view. This morning I see someone who is making money from vulnerable people when they have absolutely no qualifications, education or experience to do so but then see they are selling their opinions for money, on a technicality. It kills me. But snake oil is on sale if I like it or not, all I can control is myself. So I let it go, they can do their thing and I will do mine. I’ll put my time and energy into research, get further educated, and do my best to help others using integrity. 

So I’m sorry, not sorry, if I don’t see your holiday pictures, the video of your new cat or the review of the gig you went to last night, but I’ll do you a deal. I value time more than any commodity so to really feel valued as friend, I’d rather invest my time with you. I’d love to come over and see your new cat with my own eyes, I’d love to see those holiday snaps over a coffee sometime and I’ll come along to see that great band with you next time. 

That’s it, aside from work, the apps are deleted for now. I’m taking a social media vacation starting with Easter weekend. My energy bags are packed and the mental peace flight is booked. It’s the break I’ve been in need of for a while…

-Be the example-



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Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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