My reasons/excuses to loose 7 stone.

If we like to hear it or not for every opportunity in life we have two options; reasons to do it and excuses not to and whichever is stronger tilts you in the direction you go. Someone who chooses to live the lifestyle you want has no more or less motivation than you. Motivation can be positive or negative. It’s up to you, the individual, to choose how to utilise that power. 

As I’ve explained in previous posts I had all the motivation in the world to stay unhealthy. I had a busy life so quick food was required. I was a single parent whilst working full time to I smoked to reduce my stress. I didn’t have the time to workout because all I wanted to do when I finished work was relax. I didn’t have the money for a Personal Trainer. These were all my great excuses and motivation to stay obese and unhealthy. I couldn’t workout, I certainly couldn’t run and I had a hard life so I could eat what I like. Three years, maybe five tops and I would of certainly been dead. 

The fact is I was very lucky. I had a horrifying experience that showed me exactly what my life would be if I didn’t change. I watched someone eat, drink and smoke themselves into an early grave and witnessing it, knowing all of it was preventable, it shook every cell in my body and soul. It’s not a possibility, I won’t let that ever happen in my life. They were alone, sad, in pain and their death had no dignity at all. That’s not me. 

Seriously I must have said this over a hundred times since I lost the weight. IT WAS MY FAULT. All of it, every last health condition. If I had continued it wouldn’t have been pretty, I was putting on more weight than my heart could handle and it would have just packed up. I was so unhappy and I treated myself like a rubbish bin. There was nothing classy about the takeaways and frothy sugar filled grande breakfast drinks I used to consume. I felt good that I was being served, I didn’t have to wash up, it was always there for me and it made me happy. There’s a reason for’s called addition. Having an eating disorder is defined as having an unhealthy relationship with food. If you’re craving certain foods it’s because the corporate fat cats who invented it used additives that switch on your tastebuds and brain chemistry to manipulate you into wanting more. If you feel a compulsion to buy it, eat it, want it, is that rational? No. That’s an addiction. Food addiction is more unhealthy and is the direct result more mortality than; tobacco, alcohol and drugs COMBINED. Read that back for me. 

Here’s something crazy. We go on a diet and we put such restrictions on ourselves that as the pendulum swings one way…that’s right it comes straight back the other and we end up in this never ending cycle of losing some, putting it back on. Subtle changed whilst leaning about food macros is all the education we need to prevent an early death. When making new lifestyle choices we need slow and subtle changes so you feel in control and you feel happy about those choices. If someone offered you a million pounds to eat healthy for a year you’d suddenly find the motivation. If someone threatened the life of your family, you’d make it happen. But what you don’t see at this point is your life is you would be beyond wealthy and your family wouldn’t have the worry about loosing you if you just chose to put yourself first. 

Food for me is fuel and without it I would die. I’m aware of what fuels me best and I prefer to have the maximum amount of energy to support what I do daily. That’s the start and finish. It’s not a diet or eating plan. I’ve just spent time learning what’s right for me. I have no desire to say what people should or shouldn’t eat but it’s always good to know what you’re eating. 

E numbers are examples of the chemicals use to manipulate your body into craving foods, a full list of what they are can be found here. The basics to help you:

  • E1** – Colours
  • E2** – Presevatives
  • E3** – Antioxidants & acidity regulators
  • E4** – Thickeners, emulsifiers & stabilisers 
  • E5** – pH regulators & anti-caking agents
  • E6** – Flavour enhancers
  • E7** – Antibiotics 
  • E8** – Miscellaneous & sweeteners
  • E9** – Addictional Chemicals

The point is, they are ALL CHEMICALS, all in your food. Some are also used in; bleach sprays, toilet cleaners, plastic toys, washing powder, floor cleaner, drain unblocker and in that take away pizza you’re ordering tonight. This is what I was addicted to and this is why my son could have lost his Mum, for a rubbish £1 microwave meal, is that all I was worth? 

The inboxes I have from new starters about starting fitness or healthy living courses can be heartbreaking. People have been through so much and they want to do something new to make a positive change in their lives. What’s heartbreaking is when they tell me all their reason why they can’t do it. The cost/dates/times are all there in black and white before they get in touch. People inbox me to ask for more details and then they tell me why they’re unhappy or stuck. We talk for a while about how it is possible and how things can change…all of a sudden they then advise why they can’t make it. I don’t judge anyone but I certainly know the psychology behind that behaviour. When you reach out for the potential to change your life in a way you desperately need but then make an excuse not to put it in place it doesn’t affect me at all, so why do people say ‘sorry’. ‘Sorry I just can’t afford that at the moment’ ‘Sorry I just can’t make that commitment right now’ What it doesn’t is calms the part of the brain that knows you need to make a change into accepting the potential is out there. You feel better, it’s ok, there’s a solution that can fix everything, I’ll start another time. I know, I’ve been there. I kept getting messages and inboxed on social media from old ‘friends’ looking for training or weight loss advice. It would be the same over and over again, tell me about these classes, make me believe I can get healthy, ok I’ll start at some point soon. Soon never happens. They haven’t changed in any way and they’re accepting that. I was a single parent with little money, time or energy too. If you want something you make it happen. They’d inbox me to make themselves feel better and maybe go on an extreme diet for two weeks and put it all back on again. Then again I would get a healthy meme sent to me or a comment on twitter so they felt involved in my training…they’re not. I feel no responsibility to this because it’s not my life. I did the hard work and the study so I can teach others how to also. The classes and courses get booked out these days because there are people ready to make a change and they are so brace to make that final step. For those who tell me they don’t have enough time/energy/money it’s quite simple. There’s is never enough of any of that for anyone, you find the times/energy/money and make it happen. 

For those who continued to inbox me I’ve slowly had to cut people out of my life for my own sanity. If I have seen you twice in three years and when I’ve tried to connect but you’re too busy then I’m sorry we are not friends. If you talk badly about me behind my back because I’m no longer there to make you feel better about your life because at least you’re not as big as Fin, then we’re not friends either. With all new lifestyle choices you have to make tough decisions and sometimes you evolve to a point you do change. Some people don’t like that but others recognise how strong and powerful those choices are and as you become the example they gain strength to join you, like our Wolfpack. This idea of losing is what scares people, this is why they don’t take that final step.

We only do things for two reasons, out of love or out of fear of pain. When someone knows all the denials but I’ve taken time out To explain a course in full detail, talk about my weight loss journey and how that can work for someone else and then they tell me after all this that they can’t make the sessions as that the day their dog gets their nails clipped…do not mistake, that’s is your motivation not to change. That’s ok, that’s your choice but it is a waste of my time. I’m not here to motivate you, motivation is just your reason to do something, positive or negative, it’s just reasons. I don’t have reasons, I have results. All I do is break down healthy living into small amounts. Those small amounts build so much momentum that YOU make that choice to continue and build on it. The whole ethos on building a Wolfpack is that I needed it on my journey. I was alone and it was unbelievably hard. This way you have your friends with you and everyone is in the same boat. We support each other, we connect and bond finding new friends and new connections to help us through. 

Please understand I don’t judge your excuses. I had them too. It’s up to us all to use or neglect opportunities in life. When I walk past my old ‘friend’ and they look at me like dirt because I’m not overweight, unhappy or unhealthy anymore and that makes them feel bad about themselves, that’s ok. I’m glad I made the right choices for me. 

Love & Light xx


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Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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