Your habits become your standards. 

I must get a bulb for that light. I maybe really could eat more fruit and veg. I need to defrost that freezer. I really should foam roll more often.

Sometimes we forget just how easily our every day habits become a permanent fixture. It’s an effortless and almost unconscious decision that over time becomes a permanence. No one is perfect because perfection doesn’t exist, but just by making a few small changes, seriously how different could your life be?

This morning I’ve woken up and I feel like I’ve been beaten up, I’ve not felt like this in a long time. The reason is, I trialled my new callisthenics training, which I knew would be tough but on the same day I had a late night meeting. Normally I’m tucked up in bed early to get my 8 hours but this was an exception. Due to this however I didn’t get time for my bedtime foam roll, silly, silly mistake. Honestly it feels like someone’s taken a cricket bat and tried to swat a fly on my back. Not pretty. The crazy thing is it was almost completely avoidable. I never miss my stretch out after a workout but I also never miss my daily foam rolling. I learned the mass benefits of this during my qualifications training because it was almost impossible to keep up with; my workouts, work placement workouts, teaching techniques and work in a Sports Injury Clinic, all at the same time. Foam rolling to some is that weird tube you paid good money for and looked at the sheet that came with it but it pretty much sits in that cupboard whilst you look perplexed at it. Does foam rolling hold magic powers to make your training painless? No. Does helping the muscles recovery more efficiently to help your long term goals…yes. Even though my foam rolling game is on point  I still wake up feeling a bit sore and stiff but it’s about 10% of impact you’d expect. What’s nuts to me is how many people are willing to feel that 100%…

Just a side note. I never ask anyone to live like I do, I’ve no interest in what people choose for themselves. For some, my lifestyle is not for them and that’s cool because…it’s not for them, it’s my life. I choose to thrive because I know I’m worth it, I judge no one but myself. If someone appreciates my example that’s great but I’m doing it purely for my own benefit. I really appreciated the fact I missed my foam roll because it’s reminded me exactly why it’s become a permanent. Living with another Sports Therapist makes my life so much easier but in black and white we’re just a couple who take care of each other. I’d spent most of my life without that but it only came into my life the second I learned to look after myself first. We set the standards for how we are treated, so if we treat ourselves badly, this is how others treat us.  

Whenever I work with a new PT clients our immediate goals are small and gradual. That’s because if you’re ‘told’ to do XYZ, even if you know it’s for your own benefit, you soon begin to resent it. The habits I help to install gradually build momentum and this is what helps creates a positive long term change. Because once people see that positive change, it becomes a permanent. 

Where to start? Pick one aspect of your life that needs the biggest impact. If it’s your nutrition then take one piece of fruit to work every day for a week. Is it to drink more water? Take a 500ml bottle of water with you each day. Are you tired of feeling exhausted after your workouts? Then self Massage the area you’ve worked on yourself before bed. Try a small step for a week and pay attention to the changes. You don’t put your keys in the same place or plug your phone into the same charger every night because you got taught to do it, you created that standard. These are habits you created for your own reasoning and you can apply this reasoning to anything. Try plugging your phone in downstairs on a night and using an old fashioned alarm clock in a morning. Once you eliminate that bedtime/ morning social media scroll a whole world of extra time opens up. 

Slow and steady wins the race.


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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