To the women who accused me of photo-shopping my pictures…

She’s too fat, she’s too thin, she’s too scrawny, she’s too muscly, she’s doesn’t look like a PT. (Congratulations you’ve just witnessed the worlds dumbest argument.) For the ones who used to call me ‘too fat’ behind my back, call me ‘too bulky’ now, I double dare you…

Truth is you can never please everyone, you know why? It’s because there’s only ever one person in the whole entire Universe whose opinion really matters…yours! I am done with what anyone else thinks I ‘should look like’. I have worked my a$$ off all my life and never once have I been able to truly be happy in my own skin because I listened to all that crap above. I judged my self worth based on the opinions of others. Sadly I didn’t grow up in a loving environment so I believed this was how life was. I was taught how to hate myself and how to feel better about myself with self-destruction. Well, I’m DONE! I’ve spent 3 years channelling all my energy into positive healthy changes. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been in my life and so finally I get it. 

My family love me regardless of what I look like, they always did. Maybe it’s because I make the worlds best brownies, who knows. But the point is I’m surrounded by people who really love and appreciate who I am, I always was. Trouble was I just didn’t see it before. I take responsibility because in part because years ago I surround myself with the wrong kind of people like those who like to pull you down to their level to feel better about themselves. I didn’t know any better at the time. I thought this was just how life was and I was so weakened by life, I accepted it. It’s not how life has to be. Who you surround yourself with becomes a big part of your own self worth. When others don’t like themselves, their job, their partners or their situation it’s a vicious circle that bites YOU on the a$$. The people I have in my life now bring value, love and joy. Now being constantly surrounded by this I finally feel open to be myself, openly give the same and more. The gossips, the time wasters, the negatives and the self destructive cyclists are no more. I’ve found my true Wolfpack and it’s getting stronger every day.

It’s kinda amazing how it happens over time but when I first started putting my health (myself) first a few years ago all those mean comments and negative vibes from people started to get quieter as I turned the volume down and the positive volume UP! Over time I’ve learnt a life skill how to just mute negativity. But in truth, sadly, it never goes away. So I thought. I sadly know those who speak behind my back but this is why I don’t have any connect with them. I don’t know the woman who commented on my Facebook pics and she’s since deleted the hateful words but seriously, why bother? If you truly believe it isn’t possible to change yourself then of course it makes sense to you that I would fake my pictures. BUT that’s an expression of your OWN self worth. But to take the time to embarrass yourself publicly by posting nasty comments..who does that really serve? It’s quite sad to think this made sense to you and I’m flattered you thought I had such funds and free time on my hands to achieve such an impressive task. Sadly you are wrong and my pictures are a result of me working my backside off for years because it means something to me. It’s what’s known as cognitive dissonance. You’re struggling to come to terms with your own self limiting beliefs so you hit out at others. Cowardly and sad. But I’m not going to be like you. Honestly I’m really sorry that anyone thinks it’s not possible to change like I did but the fact is, I DID and SO CAN YOU. The changes are permanent too so you don’t need to wait around for the fall from grace either. Come back in 10, 20, however many years time and I will continue to evolve positivity. Now I’ve found the magic, it’s going nowhere. Something lit a fire in me and they say that fire is catching, it’s certainly is! Thats why I do this job and post to raise awareness because other brave people who want to make a change can see what’s possible too. They see it, they believe it and soon they aren’t afraid to make it happen anymore because they know all the hard work is worth it. It’s certainly is. 

So I’m done with bullies. I was told when I was younger to ignore them and they would go away. It’s true, they get bored and move on to someone else, but why should someone else have to then take that on? Tell you what, this thick muscly skin can take it so just bring it on! All my childhood/school bullies, the mean people from where I used to work who made fun of me, the old ‘friends’ who don’t like me now I’ve changed, I invite you all to bring it on because you’re all on mute anyway. I’m going to let you do your thing and I’ll continue doing mine…with my Wolfpack of healthy, happy, positive people all loving and living life to the full. (Pssst, bullies, if you do ever decide you want to change too, the door is always open.)

If you’re inspired by this post, pay it forward, pass it on. Remind the people you love that no matter what, they are loved and to rise above jealously, negativity and judgement.

Love and light x


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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