Burn the f##king boats! 

Previously obese I finally reached a breakthrough 3 years ago and with good diet and exercise I lost 98lbs naturally. Now my mission is to help other friends find their breakthrough to a healthier life. I’m now a certified Personal Trainer, English Athletics Run Leader, Nutritionist and Sports Massage Therapist & owner of Wolfpack Training UK. I eat foods without scary words on the labels! It’s taken time and dedication but I’m hooked on healthy eating and choosing natural ingredients. Less chemicals and processed foods made me who I am. I no longer smoke or drink alcohol as I feel amazing without them in my system. This is my personal choice and what’s best for me only. I judge nobody, we all like to enjoy life. I like to give people useful information to help them make informed choices to support their health and wellness. 

Body weight training specialist, runner, cyclist, surfer, swimmer, basketballer, rock climber, boxing, TRX addict. 

This is my mission statement! If you want it bad enough… give yourself no other option than to have it. 

1) Visualise exactly what you want and find the emotional connection to it. Not, I will be able to wear this outfit, but what wearing the outfit will mean to me, the emotional connection. Sounds simple but apply it to anything and you will find the absolute root reason you want it. Once you have this emotional connection to your reason nothing, not one thing in this world will stop you. It’s like being in a burning building, once you finally see the exit, nothing will stop you. 

2) Find out who else has done this before you. Look at those who have achieved what you want. They learned of someone too! Fitness, nutrition, mindset and goals all need to be researched. Once you are educated you have your tools. 

3) Be realistic. If stepping on the scales every day will make you depressed then don’t do it. Make your peace with that! Look at the internet at how people can be the same weight but depending on their; height, age, sex, genetics, shape, level of fitness etc all contribute to how their body looks. You will never have a body other than the raw materials you have now but you can learn how to build muscle to shape it how you want. If someone said you can have the body you want as long as you never know your weight for the rest of your life would you still want it? Course you would, even more! 

Sugar/starchy carbs/artificial sweeteners/processed foods are all used to make you a better consumer for the economy. If everyone ate apples from the tree in their own garden the fatcats at Burger King would be homeless. If you have foods in your diet that messes up your natural rhythm you will always battle them. How much do you want to battle them? Eat what fuels you but know what you’re eating!! If you learn about what your body needs you will never be hungry for anything other than what your body needs. No one is naturally addicted to hard drugs unless it’s in their system to get addicted to, same as sugar and junk food. 

These are my own thoughts and it’s whats helped me to become the best version of myself. Honesty with myself worked best and now i have the knowledge and skill sets to be what i want to be long term. 

Hope this helps inspire someone! 

Love and light xx


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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