Have you seen this #?? Search it on social media….Firstly I’ve never once hidden my disdain for this hideous contraption and secondly, before I begin, please take your scales and throw them far far away.

It’s ok, I’ll wait…

The reason I have such an inversion to notmal household scales is because they’re hurtful and I can prove this in one simple test. If you currently weigh yourself and have a weight you’d like to be in mind, please think of it now…Now imagine you step on to the scales right now and that number comes up. Whatever your goal weight is comes up on that scale, however, nothing about your body has changed, at all. Are you happy? If you answered no, then you see my point. Even if you get the goal that’s not good enough, believe me it’s never that number on the scale you want. For some it’s a dress size but even then, that’s not what you really want. What you really want is to feel good about yourself. The scale will never ever give you that. You can step on, see a weight loss to feel a sense of achievement and then feel good about yourself but why should it take outside factor to give you that self worth. It will never tell you that you’re a fantastic son or daughter. It’s won’t say you’re an inspiration to others. It will never say how strong you are and how proud it is of you. It won’t say how much your friends and family appreciate you or say you are perfect just the way you are.

I gave up with household scales a long time ago. I measured up and I took a good look at my body and I saw in my minds eye what I really wanted. What I really wanted was a bum! Mine was flat and non existent but my chest went on forever. I saw the body tone I wanted back then and I’m still working hard carving it out every day. 

The fact is, you become exactly who you are because of the decisions you make. I made a choice to not feel my self worth through anyone or anything other than myself. I look in the mirror instead of avoiding it, I feel my skin and my stretch marks and feel proud of my battle scars. I walk with a smile to let others know they’re just as worthy and deserving too. 

More than most I understand the lure of the scales, honestly 3 times a day at one point and then elated when I reached that pound or stone bracket. But why? Mainly because I didn’t know how to finish a workout or a gym session and recognise in my body and mind that sense of accomplishment and pride. Now after a workout or when I leave the swimming pool I’m hungry so I know I’ve worked hard. When I’m at the gym fighting the last few breaths to push on I know I’m at my limit. When I run my legs feel strong and worked hard I know because they are strong and I did work my a$$ off. But these feeling didn’t come over night. It is a tough process but seek and you shall..

You are more valuable right now that you’ve ever been to yourself. If you’re reading this you’re already looking for new ways to feel good about yourself. I could list 1000’s of ways to measure your pride over the scales but only you can make that’s choice.

How did that run feel? How sore are those muscles because you worked them so hard? Are your feet telling you they’ve been worked in a way you’ve never tried before? How many times did yo smile when you remebered that workout? Did you see that workout top and feel excited to get it for your next challenge? How many new friends did you make? How many smiles did you see today? How many hours/days/weeks did you forget about those scales? 

Be proud of you!


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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