What is Push/Pull Training?

Push/pull training is a bodybuilder weight training method used to separate muscle forces instead of muscle groups. 

Prevents: Repetitive injury, overtraining & exhausting the same muscles.

Increases: Muscle growth, recovery rate and joint stability.  

In one session you work all your muscles involved in Pushing motion; chest, triceps, quads, lateral and medial delt and then in the next training session you work all Pulling muscles; back, biceps, rear delts, traps, forearms and hamstrings. As they’re apposing forces you avoid groups of muscles being over worked and over trained. 

I started working Push/Pull splits over 3 months ago after working the typical ‘leg day’ or ‘back day’. Back then  I was exhausted after my training sessions and it wasn’t until I looked back I realised I was over training the same muscles unintentionally and not getting full rest periods. 

As a lot of my clients are fellow runners I explain in familiar terms. 

It’s kind of like doing track speed training, then uphill speed training the next day, then trying to get a PB at ParkRun the next. It’s three lots of speed work in a row so the body never rests and builds strength from your hard work, it’s just gets lost and you feel worn out. With Push/Pull it’s like waking up after a HM race and feeling fine to do hill reps. I can feel what I did yesterday but I know I can work the apposing muscles without the risk of injury. In the past I kept having the same repetitive injuries with my SI joint, TFL and knees. Push/pull prevents too much muscle cross over plus I do heavy/light variations so I’m working on my hypertrophy ATP-CP in some sessions and endurance other days. 

This method is not for everyone and changing up routines always helps lead to an improvement. Point is, try something new! I can only advise that this method has taken me way beyond any previous expectations of weight lifting I had and I’ve progressed further in 3 months with this than in 9 months of working muscle groups, ‘leg day’ etc. My body fat was lower last year but by over training I’d lost a lot of muscle too. Although I was happy with my body fat percentage I couldn’t support clients as much as I needed to not being able to lift heavy and I lost my figure. It’s taken a while to build up but it’s awesome how much I’m capable of lifting now plus I much prefer how my body looks and feels. As a woman we worry about losing our figure through cardio or looking bulky with weights. Neither is true and I’ve proved I can have both.

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