You only ran a 10k? Run shaming..

This is the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. It got its name as it’s right next to the town of Chicxulub, look see it’s even says on this picture from Wikipedia (of which I credit all this information to and this is running related don’t worry). 

The crater is more than 180 kilometers (110 miles) in diameter and 20 km (12 mi) in depth, with a staggering 10–30 km deeper depth. After a couple of other massive holes in the earth (did you know about such things? I certainly did not!) it is the third largest confirmed impact structure on Earth. That’s a long way to go for a fancy photo…

The crater was discovered by a geophysicists named Antonio Camargo and Glen Penfield, who were looking for something completely different at the time.(Genius does like to show up at odd moments.) Their discovery in 1970 and people’s ongoing testing later in 1990 showed these clever guys and others the impact took place around 66 million years ago. (I’m getting to my running point soon I promise)

The gravity anomaly map above shows the impact lines and also the cute little heart in the right corner, aww. So with this small new insight with a few short lines and couple of pictures what have you deduced? Is it that this is believed to be the actual site of the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs? Could you also guess that this huge crater was actually formed as the result of the direct hit of an asteroid or comet much smaller in size. In fact the centre point shows the size of the object that hit the earth was actually 10km..

Now I’m not saying a 10km run could wipe out life as we know it but isn’t it cool to think what impact 10km can have?

I wrote this after reading a thoughtless tweeter tell a fellow runner in a nasty way that 10km was nothing because they were an elite ‘ultra runner’. Buddy, pipe down. A 10km, a 5km even 1km is fantatsic, it’s a huge achievement no matter what distance and whatever, however, whenever you run and I commend you. All runners, even the ones with stinky attitudes. Mainly because I know just how hard it is just getting out the door. It’s so warm inside! But seriously, whatever and however you run believe me everyone behind you is looking up to you my friend. If you like a gentle pace there is always someone wishing they could go that fast. If you complete a 10km I know of Runners who can’t wait to achieve that distance. So don’t ever let anyone or you belittle your efforts.  

To be honest I’m pretty tired of hearing people try to take down others or mock their efforts, why, does it scare them? Does it really make people feel better to step on each other? Or do they just not know how to appreciate their own efforts themselves and envy others happiness? I don’t care. A bully is a bully, sorry I mean coward. 

The point is I hope you learned something new today, aside from bully’s can go suck it and if this is the only dinosaur themed article you read today, I hope it was a good one.  


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