Rip off stretch marks!

This morning, as I flicked through my social media, I was highlighted to an Instagram account named @plankingforpizza. A lovely young girl, Jess from America, promoting healthy body confidence and positive mindset for all. She’s very open about her own self image, how she’s battled her own demons and has written a book to guide you to a happier more accepting way of life. When I had a look at her account all I can see is normal body shots and positive messages. No photoshop, no magic tea or cream made her this way, she’s just herself. In fact one post actually advocates not telling you how to look like her, she just wants you to learn to accept yourself. 100% I’m in to this! 

Although I’m not posting evidence on social media just yet, I have stretch marks, lots of them, and cellulite, as most of us do. I have perhaps been more self conscious about it because of the job I do but I’m tired of it. I’m tired of fighting the fact I have scars and marks that make me a human being. In all honesty I’m the only one who judges me on them because I’m the only one who sees them. (Aside from my family who are the most loving and understanding human beings I’ve ever known)

On my own weight loss journey I had to grieve the loss of who I previously was because I’m just not that same person anymore. I had to come to terms with my body changing in ways I wasn’t familiar with. But with that I also learned I can take control and make changes to be in control. I drink more water than I thought possible to help give me clear supple skin. I eat well to give me strong nails and soft hair. I use products without toxic chemicals and parabens to prevent poor long term health too. But wait, isn’t this costly?

Of these two products one has a handful of natural ingredients and a small amount of parfam. The other contains a list of chemicals so long and complex I couldn’t hope to distinguish what they all are and it costs 85% more than the first. What’s the difference? Not much. The extra 85% of your money goes into celebrity endorsed expensive clever advertising campaigns, ‘testing’ without any real scientific evidence and the rest straight into the pockets of multinational company owners.

I don’t intend to bash a particular company/brand, I just hope to help make savvy shoppers more aware. In fact I have tried both products and found them both to be effective. But as a Sports Massage Therapist I can say from an educated background that if you want to improve the look of your skin then any oil can help you do that but it’s the massage part that really helps improve your skin. Paired with a healthy diet self massage can help to increase circulation, boost your mood through relaxation and help to release tensions. No matter the cost of the products, it’s taking that time to invest in feeling good that matters. I advertise my Massage service myself through social media, flyers, posters and business cards. My rates are reasonable and I know I’m great at my job. However. If I had to pay a well know actress to help with my advertising campaign, how much more do you think I would have to charge my clients to pay for that? 

The key message here is learn what feels good for you. Put yourself first and open yourself up to admiring who you are regardless. Stop fighting to look like the girl in the magazine or expensive TV advert. We all know she doesn’t look like that in real life. Look to bold confident women like Jess who are proud of who they are in their own natural skin. Take time to improve your health from the inside out and it will show. 

Take some time for you today. Love and light x


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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