Does social media make you lonely?

Admittedly I am pretty old school when it comes to some aspects of life. I frequently use my house phone, I enjoy walking/cycling to when I need to be and I’d rather invite you to pop round for a cuppa to show me your recent holiday snaps than link me to your Facebook. As much as I appreciate social media helps us to connect in one part, it also cuts of opportunities. It’s not that hard to believe that recent studies show that some people spend up to 20% of their day on social media. Given that we spend 75% on sleeping, eating and work, that’s a bit scary. 

New family members, sad news, personal achievement and even daily food is all documented through social media every second of every single day. In some ways we’ve become so current with everyone’s business it’s almost addictive viewing. But is that healthy? Are we still gaining the same human connections?

If someone sent out a sad update we now have the option not just like their post, but add a hug or sad face to communicate our emotions. Isn’t that what robots do?

When did this ever become humanly acceptable? Personally I’d rather spend time in your company and give you a real life hug if you need it. In fact how often do we even see these people to do this in person?

Social media certainly has its benefits and it’s there to support those who find it hard to be in social situations like; suffering anxiety issues for example. It’s so ingrained in modern life I don’t see it ever going away, unless a zombie apocalypse does happen…

So until then, why don’t we all try to be more socially active than social media active? Let’s not go too wild but when was the last time you knocked on a friends door, without texting first, just to see if they were home or wrote a letter to long distance friends? We could all do with some cuppa time, kettles on…


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