Healthy breakfasts


One of the main changes I wish I’d made a long time ago was what I ate for breakfast. The former meaning I ate NOTHING. A sugar filled coffee and whatever I could grab enroute to the office would do followed by whatever the lunch lady had in her cart that day.

Years ago I didn’t prep ahead because I had no reason to and I appreciated my time being spent elsewhere. (Namely in bed until the very last minute I had to leave the house)

When I started trying to lose weight every health profession I read about promoted eating breakfast for weight loss. I started with fruit and light protein as this was advised to be the best way to kick start your motabilism and burn that body fat. Whilst it’s true the name comes from ‘breaking the fast’ so your body is in need of fuel it also starts a chain reaction in the body which improves my whole day. My energy levels even at 3pm are high, i can run at 6pm even after a long day and believe me eating balanced meals helps me sleep like a baby. That last one was the main turning point for me. Years ago I suffered so badly with sleep deprivation it made daily life almost impossible. I had to take a pill every night just to want to close my eyes and even then I’d be awake all night never falling into any deep sleep. These days although the data from my smart watch can tell me how much I move in my sleep, bursting full of energy out of bed at 5am every day tells me exactly that I’m getting it right. When I have the time, an egg white omelette is perfect for a long day. I don’t hide the fact that low carb/ high fat is my secret weapon to burn fat and maintain my energy levels. I discovered this first through experience and then the science behind it through my qualifications. I’m a fast oxidiser which is why this works for me and I’ve never looked back. Everyone is different and I would never expect anyone to eat like I do, eat what fuels you best. To feel this vitality and energy in my body every day keeps this as a standard in my life. It means that no matter what that day involves I can fuel myself to guarantee how I’ll feel every single day. That’s why it’s such an easy choice to make. If, like I was, you find it hard to eat breakfast try small light amounts of good at first. Within 10 days you’ll see an improvement in your; energy, focus, mood, concentration, your sleep will change and you’ll start to wake up hungry.

Natural yoghurt mixed with a little fruit juice and frozen fruit makes a light eat. Recipes using; eggs, oats, avocado, banana or apple are easy to make and good for early morning digestion.

When you start to feel great in 10 days pay it forward by telling friends about the new healthy changes you’ve made to help inspire them.

Happy eating!


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Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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