Are you Nuts! 


If you’re hitting the gym for a cardio blast before work or straight after its important to get your snack game on & home made trail mixes are a great idea!*Grab a couple of bags of nuts/seeds/dried fruit on your next shop and some small sandwich bags.

*Mix 4x 10g of any bag or 4x a small pinch if you’re awesome like that.

*Take to work and snack smugly!

You know you’re fueling up with the good stuff, it’s cheap, you can mix up the flavours how you like and its simple food prep in advance. If I need to balance my electrolytes I go for salted peanuts mixed with sweet dried fruit. Happy noms!


About Miss Fox-Wolfpack Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Nutritionist & Sports Therapist dedicated to health & wellbeing.
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