The world’s greatest secret to weight loss…



A lot of people reading this will have a connection to weight struggles, be it direct through personal experience or indirectly with a family member, friend or even a co-worker. If we all had the same DNA there would be one solution but we don’t. The media is saturated with solutions; quick, fast, simple, hard, insane, expensive and just blummin stupid. So with so much information out there, where do you start and what finally will work for you?
I’ve no idea, I’m not you. Aren’t you glad you started reading this…but what I can tell you is for someone who has personally faced a lot of the challenges we face in society today I had the odds stacked against me and I’ve lost 7 stone of pure body fat and kept it off. I’m not selling anything just giving information for free.
The whole truth is with everything I’ve gone through to lose the body fat; the only way I’ve been able to get what I wanted was to work out why I really wanted it. You buy a nice outfit for a Christmas party, it’s a size smaller. Promises and vows are made right there in the changing rooms to wear it with pride and be dedicated every day until the event. First couple of days your determination pulls you through, or maybe the first couple of hours, then plans fall by the wayside, life gets in the way and before you know it, you’re now desperately looking for another new outfit as that special one doesn’t fit two days before the big event! Why do we do it to ourselves? The thing is, it’s not about being able to get into that nice outfit at all, it’s about what wearing it means to me, the emotional connection.
I don’t doubt that people reading this are highly intelligent, but anyone can know something intellectually and yet still ignore it. Why? Because when it comes to personal issues, emotions get in the way and it screws up logic. When it comes to our health, most of us know realistically what’s best for us but we don’t know how to get the balance right.
Have you ever been in an urgent situation and without effort your brain takes over and you deal with it. The cooker catches fire, the dog slips their lead, does a Fenton and bolts or a child falls over in front of you. You don’t even have to think about it, you deal with the situation. That’s your moral compass; your brain has linked up a connection with what’s right and wrong the situation dictates an automatic reaction. What about the part of your brain that knows each time how to ride a bike, make a cup of tea or how drive home on auto pilot. This is your habitual learning, you weren’t born with it but you did it so many times it’s ingrained in your brain. If you could combine the two and apply it to your health reinforcing it with a good emotional connection…how much better could your life be? Your wouldn’t even have to think about making the right choices. Immersion is being able to mentally completely attach yourself to something and this was my trick to weight loss.
I judge no one, I can only tell you from my own experience. A couple of years ago I could have given you 100 reasons why I didn’t have the healthy life I said I wanted. I didn’t have; the money, the time, the knowledge or the motivation. Yet I could afford all the food that I ate to put the weight on, I could tell you what was happening on every popular TV program, I could recite every reason why I couldn’t workout and all of those were my motivation to stay how I was. I was immersed in staying overweight! I was dedicated to this all my life…But in coming to terms with just how committed I was to this and taking responsibility for my own actions shaped me into who I am today.
To make a change in my life I had to accept three things:

1) You don’t know how to do it…yet. (If you did you would have done it, believe me 1000’s of diets won’t work, sustainable long term lifestyle changes will)

2) You must take EVERY bump in the road as a test to your commitment (Have a bad moment, acknowledge it, learn and move on quickly)

3) Get out of your own way (Burn the boats. The time will pass anyways so make your choice, get enough reasons to stick to it, keep your eyes on the prize and don’t stop till you get there)
This last bit is for anyone who would like to make a change but it isn’t a must for you just yet, maybe you haven’t had a breakthrough. This is no judgement, just to help others get unstuck like I was. If you would like I’ve added a small test below, answering these helped me so I hope it helps you, grab some paper and a pen:
A) Write down one of your favourite meals off the top of your head, only you will see this so indulge. Whatever’s in it, sides, drink, starter, dessert jot it down. Now, write down without Google or looking anywhere, what’s in it.
B) Names three well known people and write two facts about each of them. TV show characters, singers, actors, anyone. Again, no Google or searching just what you know.
C) Who is the one of the people who means the absolute most to you? Who do you care for, be it friend, family, the coffee shop lady (If you’re reading this, yes you do make the best skinny lattes!) is it your dog, cat, a singer, a mentor your never met but still admire. Who are they and what do they mean to you.
Feel free to give it a go, check out the comments if you would like my responses to the quiz and it would be great to know what you think.


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