How weight loss is as easy peasy as breathing…science lesson!

Im a big believer in who you surround yourself with is who you become so for years now I’ve been listening to the Jillian Michaels podcasts. Funny, informative & typically health & fitness related.

If you’ve never heard of Jillian Michaels, just know she’s a bad-a$$ fitness trainer & health & wellness ambassador.

So instead of listening to the horrors of the world on the news, my day typically starts with a podcast. Today’s was from back in August. Completely forgot about this episode! In it she talks about this great Ted Talk she listened to. Again, switch off the news, put Ted Talks on. So this Ted Talk is all about the science of losing weight, something that makes me intrigued. I’m a nerd, I’ll read it, learn it, practice it & then put it into my teaching.

So the Ted Talk you need to watch is this, The Mathematics of weight loss by Ruben Meerman. Here’s what you need to know. If you believe that 1+1=2, then this is all you need to know about weight loss. Are you ready for this revelation…?

We all have fat, even runway models. If we didn’t, we would die. It can be anywhere, toes, tummy, wrists, fingers…EVERYWHERE. Think of it like those one size fits all jeans. Everyone has the same size of fat storage. EVERYONE. It just depends how much you choose to store.

Now we could be here a while if I explained the concept of how fat is made but let’s just make peace with the fact that any sugar you eat and don’t burn as energy will sore in your body. Once your body is pretty sure it’s not getting used…it turns it into fat. But you don’t eat a lot of sugar so that’s ok, right?

Another mind blowing fact…sugar is sugar, carbohydrates is sugar, fruit (although in a better form) is sugar. All of the below…that is sugar.

ALL SUGAR…not kidding…

So how is weight loss easy peasy? Well, I won’t spoil the video but I will give the key points. To lose weight we have to use the fat stored in our cells. The ONLY way to do this healthily is to reduce your intake & move more. The clever way to do it is to find a great group of friends who all want the same & to do it with them. Which is why I created the Wolfpack Trackers.

Find your people, learn about the science of weight gain/loss & finally stop this perpetual cycle.

The long & short of it is we lose what’s stored in the fat cells by being consistent. Eat less, move more. But the fascinating point is…in the end we breathe it all out. (Watch the video)

The next Wolfpack Trackers starts in 4 weeks time. Let’s learn the science & get healthy for life, together.

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Always feeling hungry but trying to lose weight?

Yeah, me too!

The best way to combat hunger when you’re trying to lose weight is to eat more. Yep, but more of the right foods.

Protein helps to keep you full and is essential in muscle & tissue repair. To know how much protein you need, use the palm of your hand as a guide per meal. For men use two palms.

When you’re working out you naturally want to eat more. A great way to keep your energy levels up is to up your good fats. I know how crazy that sounds but trust me. Good fats are essential to your immune system. Keeping these topped up will help prevent illness, injury & tiredness, keeping you going.

Lastly, hunger is very similar to thirst. Are you drinking enough? Water can come in many forms; in our food, caffeine free drinks & of course drinking water. Hydrate gradually, write down your daily intake & up it one cup at a time.

These simple tricks help to keep you feeling satisfied, full & energised.

When I’m feeling exhausted, it’s time for a treat. Where I used to go for a pint of ice cream, I now eat the same calories in a different form.

Avocados used to be nasty soap tasting not happenings many years ago. My taste buds were too used to sugar & fake flavours. Now I’m in love & on a day when I’m tired & in need of some comfort, this is one of my go-to treats. It’s like pudding & always makes me feel full, happy & healthy.

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I have a new client who also suffers from fibromyalgia & we recently discussed the benefits of elimination tests.

As a nutritionist I can only advise on the benefits of healthy eating & the best foods available. But as a former sufferer of fibromyalgia as a symptom of my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis I can categorically state that being aware of what foods exasperated my condition is eventually what led to my recovery.
When the immune system is attacking it’s self any assistance you can give the body through; removing known inflamitory foods, increasing micronutrients & improving your digestion, will help the body to recover & repair faster.
Fad diets & replacement shakes made me worse. Good nutrition & progressive exercise helped me slowly to recover.
I’m not a dietitian so I cannot diagnose any health condition. I am only a nutritionist, my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is now in remission & im no longer on 32 daily prescription medications.
List of Nightshade Vegetables & Fruits | LIVESTRONG.COM

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Wolfpack co-hosting #UKRunChat tonight

I’m super excited to be co-hosting the UKRunChat hour tonight with the lovely @writtenbyrach

UKRunChat is a fantastic online running community that started back in 2013 just as I was starting my fitness journey.

I was looking for help & advice with my running, a place I could feel safe & the UKRunChat community were there.

Over the years the community has become an outstanding group of over 57k runners on Twitter alone who are some of the most supportive people I have ever known.

From day one, the ethos of the community has always been to support each other & this just continues to get stronger. With local meet ups & branching into various sports, the team at UKRunChat have gone above & beyond to help their fellow athletes.

It means a lot to me to be able to give back tonight because there’s so many people starting their running journey, just like I was a few years ago. People I didn’t know helped me to keep going when I struggled. I can only hope to inspire or help others too in any way I can.

So it’s time to get your Twitter on & get those questions because we are live tonight at 8pm!! I’m so excited!

The fastest hour of the week takes place on Twitter, Sundays & Wednesday 8-9pm using the hashtag #UKRunChat

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The kids at school made fun of me because my Mum’s fat

True sentence that came out of my sons mouth. Absolutely heartbreaking but completely true, I was heavily overweight. I’m so sorry son. I let you down for so many years. But it will never happen again.

I look appalling squeezing into a size 20 blouse in point blank refusal to go buy a size 22. I was in complete denial that my shoes didn’t fit me leaving agonising marks on my poor feet. I would buy so many beautiful clothes and leave them at the back of the wardrobe, tags still on to wear ‘when I can fit into them’.

But none of that compared to my son telling me how he was bullied in junior school because of my weight. He didn’t even tell me until after I’d lost the weight. He’d put up with it and dealt with it alone so he didn’t have to hurt my feelings.

My poor boy went through all that because I couldn’t get my act together. But things can change and you can be a role model for your children too.

My handsome young man now embraces the same healthy diet as me, he has his own gym membership and trained to complete the coast to coast after falling in love with fitness from my influence.

Lead by example, don’t let your children suffer. Learn about how to get fit and stay healthy. Do it for them so they can learn from you. This way they never have to go through it when they’re older.

Kinda cool that his new college friends called him out for chatting up women in the gym the other day. Red faced when he told them it was his Personal Trainer Mum. Sorry son, guess I’m still embarrassing!!

Wolfpack Weight Loss Tracker starts in just 10 days!!

•Weight Loss Nutrition Coaching Seminar

•Bespoke Nutrition Plan

•8 Weeks Weight Loss Tracker

•At home/Group Workouts

Starts from £25

Love & light

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Are you addicted to self sabotage?

I’ll lose weight when we’ve finished remodelling the bathroom

The diet starts Monday!

I don’t have time to go to the gym

Let’s try this new slimming tea I’ve heard all the celebs do

This month I can’t afford to eat healthy

Yeah it’s the same cr*p I used to say.

Self sabotage, anxiety & depression all came from the same happy place in my brain that also like to look for wrinkles in the mirror whilst standing on the scales hoping for a miracle. No more! Having read Sarah Knights ‘The life changing magic of not giving a f••k’ I can advise that lists have been made, items have been crossed off & f*ck have been stopped. (I whole heartedly don’t give a f*ck about the scales anymore)

It annoys me to think that for 10 adult years I wouldn’t go swimming in case someone saw me in my bathing suit. What did I think would happen? That they would walk up & say “hey, you’re overweight” well yes that’s true, thanks for pointing out the obvious a$$hole. What if they said “you look like a beached whale” well then that just makes them an ‘official’ a$$hole. But not swimming because of what other people think, that me being an a$$hole to myself.

What we’re really scared of is facing the truth about how WE, not other people, really feel about OURSELVES.

The fact was, I was heavily overweight, I had an addiction to food, an unhealthy relationship with food, I was too lazy to get off my ar$e to walk my son to school & I prioritised greasy take away menus over cookery books.

Yes I was in a car accident many years ago that started me having ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) but honestly, I was a car wreck inside before the accident. Having ME or something similar was honestly just waiting to happen.

So what happens when we don’t face up to where we are? And I don’t mean standing on the scale, counting how many fags we had hanging out the bedroom window or looking at the glass recycling box at the many wine bottles we played ‘escape reality’ with. I mean really looking at your life. When you can finally be honest with yourself & decide if what you have is what you really want, you can then make a choice of what to do next.

Knowing intellectually that smoking is bad for your health is one thing. Not buying cigarettes is another. Every time I lit one up at work I was accepting that one day this could be the reason my son watches me die. Heavy but true. This cigarette was the reason I ‘couldn’t afford to eat healthy’. All the energy it took to earn money to pay for them once I’d found the energy to buy them was all the ‘time I didn’t have for the gym’. I either face up to it & accept it, or waste my life lying to myself . Going for a cigarette on a break from the job I hated made me feel better for that 3 mins. The quiet, the deep breathing & the headspace is exactly what I have now, just without the smokes, expense, health risks or sh*tty job.

My self sabotage was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Just so I could fit in I would drink like everyone else. I had neither the money, the time or the want to do it but I still did it. Fitting in made me feel better, temporarily. It the same reason I got in bad relationships, because I thought I had to be in any relationship to be happy.

But sometimes we do make the effort to do our best & it still doesn’t work because something comes up. Hey self sabotage, Jane brought cakes to work, Michaels invited your all for a drink after work & that take away menu is sooo cheap, let’s party! So why when we’ve done so well & come so far do we mess it all up? Why can’t this diet just work or this PT just miraculously make me skinny? Why? Because life isn’t about quick fixes, it’s about learning & putting it into action. When you self sabotage or mess it up it’s for the same reason every time, work that sh*t out, problem solved.

Guess what? Life doesn’t just happen, things don’t get in the way, bills don’t sneak up on you and the children don’t just need your time for the moment. The truth of that b*llsh*t story you keep telling yourself is this. Life ALWAYS happens. Things will ALWAYS get in the way. Bills will ALWAYS be there. And guess what? Kids will ALWAYS need you. So what’s your b*llsh*t excuse now?

Now for the nice-ish bit.

The fact is to self sabotage you have to of experienced pain once in your life. In case you haven’t worked it out, people only ever do things for two reasons, only two, ever, like every time. We do things to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. That’s the top & bottom of it.

You want to look good in that dress? Why? To feel good. You don’t want to go back to that fitness class, why? Because it made you feel tired. You don’t want to stop smoking? It’s killing you but you are addicted…pain/pleasure it’s a tricky one, I’m telling you.

When I lost weight in the past, I put it straight back on, no joke, about a hundred times. The same pounds, on & off. I was so ready to lose that weight though. Like, everything fighting inside me wanted it to be true, honest I would have bet my life on it. Yet I’d sill end up drunk in a taxi with my Friday night greasy take away that would be just the start to my booze & food binge-a-thon weekend.


Seriously…I had to grow up.

I didn’t go through everything I have in this lifetime to end up a sad lonely bitter old booze soaked cat lady. Trust me, I had two cats already, the rest were just scratching at the door.

Here’s the biggest life lesson…you’re NEVER going to feel like it. Yep, aren’t you glad you started reading this? I’ll say it’re NEVER going to feel like it. Yep that’s what I said, NEVER. You’re never going to feel like choosing an apple over cake, going to the gym over staying in bed, going for a run instead of nursing that hangover. Nope, never, ever, ever. You know why??? Your excuses!

The biggest b*llsh*t story in my life is my past. The facts are I grew up in an environment that no child should have to endure but I wore it like my badge of honour. No one cared about me so I don’t have to care about anyone else. No one helped me, so guess what? F*ck you!

As a child I didn’t know any better. I tried to survive & developed coping mechanisms. They worked when I needed them, but over time, they just weren’t valid anymore. I was an adult far away from that life but still acting like the world owed me a favour, the world said f*ck you too. But I didn’t want to let go of my past because then I’d have to accept who I was now & what I was doing with my life. Oooh we remember that from earlier. Yeah I couldn’t do it. I want to bask in all the glory of a my broken home & blame everyone else for MY mistakes. Welcome home sad cat lady…

The day something changed was when a nurse said 5 simple words to me. My Mum has just died. I was sat in the room with her unable to move. I’d witnessed so many horrible truths that day & just as I couldn’t take anymore. A nurse came & put a hand on my shoulder & said “you’re going to be ok”. Knowing she must have to deal with these situations daily, for the first time, I actually trusted for once in my life, I accepted those words & I believed her. The floodgates opened. I sat in the side room alone for two hours sobbing my heart uncontrollably. Years of pain finally released. I wailed & screamed quietly (I am British) in unbearable pain under my hoodie to the point there was nothing left. The room went quiet & I felt like a time of rocks had left my body. Numb, but free.

I really was ok from them on. It wasn’t a miracle cure but from that day on something, even 0.001% was different, changed forever. It was hard work building on that 0.001% but it’s all been worth it.

Mum dying wasn’t the pinnacle moment in me deciding to change my life. It was in realising that strangers do care. Every day as I child I wanted someone, anyone to rescue me. My parents always said no one gives a sh*t. When you grow up in bad circumstances around cowardly people, that’s your model of the world. No social workers, no police, no family members, no one came to help me. But that day everything changed, I realised people do care, I just didn’t meet them back then. So I made a decision that changed my life that if strangers care about me, I care about them too.

Instead of being so closed off I started to open up, not just physically actually talking to other humans, but emotionally. Again it wasn’t overnight but I started to deal with feelings I’d ignored for so long or even ones I didn’t know what the feeling was. I learned about shame, guilt, anger & how to recognise & process them. I’m still learning, I don’t think that lesson ends once you start.

Remember when I said, you’ll never feel like doing it. Yeah that’s not quite true. When you start to be honest with yourself, finding new ways to really make yourself happy, falling in love with the process of change. Guess what? The mind changes too.

“Oh I wish I had your motivation” is such a b*llsh*t phrase. I go for a run because I love how it makes me feel & those guacamole tacos! I make time for yoga because I’m 35 & I don’t want to drag my a$$ from the bed in a morning like bear who just woke up from hibernation. Stretching out first thing feels amazing & yeah it gives me giggies that I can stand on my head like a toddler. I’m 30bloody5, I’ve been to hell & back but this lil body hasn’t given up on me yet. So now I know better, I do better & I treat it with respect.

Honestly I’ve eaten enough trash to last me a lifetime so do I miss pop tarts? No, they would make me feel ill now because I’m so used to not eating 4 of them everyday like I used to in junior school. FYI That’s why I was the heavy kid with mood swings. I don’t remember it being fun then & it wouldn’t be now so I no longer give a f*ck about pop tarts.

So what about when anxiety hits? When I’m worried about the outcome so much it makes me not want to do it or invent a reason so I just can’t make it happen…time to suck it up buttercup. I GET SH*T DONE. The more I do it the more I feel ok about it or the more I realise what I don’t want to do. Don’t say yes to something you don’t want to do. Cancelling at last min when, in your heart, you had no intention to go in the first place, makes you an a$$hole. Don’t give me that look. It’s not me who said it, read Sarah’s book!

I don’t cancel on my workouts because they mean more to me that being a hungover sh*tty parent used to. I keep doing meditations because I don’t want to deal with the smokers lung cancer my Nana died from. I don’t buy the rubbish foods because I don’t want to feel bad eating them, forcing myself to workout to burn them off or loop back into self sabotage & do it all again when the sugar high wears off. Finally I choose not to drink because eventually that’s how I lost my Mum.

As I once read something similar in a fabulous book…Exercise for the sake of burning calories & sweating through my sports bra is not something I give a f*ck about, but health isn’t just about how many squats you can do. Health is also about reaching goals like sleeping more, staying calm & maybe not eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every time I’m pi$$ed off.

That’s why I do what I do now. I help people channel negative energy into improving their own health & fitness. But I can only give you the blueprint, it’s up to you to build that life for yourself.

Self sabotaging? Get your sh*t together…omg that sounds like the best title for a book (wink face)

Peace, love & light.

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Lose a stone for Christmas Tracker

So here I am full of New Years resolutions I was sooo going to keep. I was going to loose all the weight & look just like Jennifer Anniston. I’d already throw all my money into gym clothes with a years gym membership I couldn’t afford ready to change my life. What happened? Nothing.

I know what it’s like to be a very tight size 22. I’ve been in the body I hated with a passion but I still couldn’t change. I’ve done a thousand fad diets, starvation & quick fix bootcamps. Guess what, yep it all came back on. Every last pound & more!

The reason I’ve gone through this weight loss journey (still going) is because there was no one out there like I was who did what I wanted to do. Until one day I was doing it, I was making it happen & feeling all the hard work pay off.

I haven’t gone through years of hard work, study and education to sell you another weight loss miracle. There’s no magic pills, teas, shakes, wraps or instant results. Sorry, look elsewhere. Hard work gets results. Not excuses, not blaming others, don’t blame your resources, blame your lack of priorities. Because once you take responsibility for your actions, change HAPPENS.

Am I the perfect example of fitness like on the magazines? No I’m a normal Mum who has jeans without the muffin top. I’m normal & I deserve to feel happy in my own skin, just like you!

No one held my hand when I started running at 17 stone. I decided this is what I wanted & I left no other options other than to get it done.

I have proved what is possible, I have successfully achieved 11 qualifications in health & fitness with full time education so I can teach others. This is my absolute passion in life & I cannot wait to teach you how to finally make a breakthrough & reach those goals.

Don’t buy into the magic of another weight loss gimmick. If you truly accept that you have never been taught properly how to manage your weight or how to get fit then take responsibility & make 2018 your year!

Learn how to lose weight from someone who has done it, studied it & has the qualifications to teach YOU how to make it happen.

Call to book 07980142244


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