3 simple reasons you had a bad run

So you’ve been training well, eating as well as you can but that 5k last night felt like hell on earth, why??

No one like to feel defeatist after a good effort so here’s 3 ideas for why that run felt so bad & how you can get back on track.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe & got far too overheated, maybe I set off too fast??

Your skin can’t breathe

I’m not going to tell you for the 1000th time that you set off too fast, maybe you did, but it’s not always the case.

Have you heard of skin brushing?

Let’s get dirty for a second…

As runners we are a bit filthy. You can smell a runners washing basket from a mile away & yes we all have at one point sniffed a shirt to see if we can get ‘one more run out of it’. But it’s underneath those shirts that matters!

When the body starts to heat up on a run our brains turn on the taps to cool us down, aka sweat. It’s actually the body’s natural way to cool down the rising core temperature.

As we sweat during runs, it lays on our skin, eeeew, but true. That’s why when you finish your run, you get cold. It’s the sweat cooling down & making you too cold as your internal core temperature drops back down to normal.

As your sweat dries we build up layers. Of course we all keep clean, but are we scratching through these skin layers hard enough? Introducing skin brushing!

Dry or wet skin brushing is AMAZING to get rid of the build up dead skin, dried sweat & collective muddy miles. Scratching this away, even once a week helps runners skin breathe with ease & sweat more efficiently.

Hint: Try this the night before ParkRun for a sneaky PB!

My stomach was heavy & it’s allI could think about. I feltlike I had a brick in my stomach!

Your carb load was too heavy last night

Don’t worry this is not an attack on carbs! Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel most runners use to power their runs. In most cases is a quick way to fuel up & ensure you have the juice ready for race day. But we overlook one thing…

As great as carbohydrates are, they also sadly don’t have a lot of insoluble fibre. Often people go for simple carbohydrates which can soak up a lot of water to get processed plus they have little insoluble fibre. Basically you get bunged up & your bowels slowww down.

Foods like pasta, potatoes & rice can sit heavy on your stomach with nowhere to go. Blood pools in the bowels to help with digesting leaving your poor legs with little to keep them going. But we love carbs! So what can we do?

If you are on a carb load adding complex carbs like grains with insoluble fibre will help you…well..go. Given that all veg contains water, upping these in your meals will not only up your water content helping your digestion but seriously up your vitamin content too.

Hint: These these fab ideas fromRunners World.

I just hated every moment of the run. From when I set off to finishing. I keep feeling like this, I’m sick of running!

You’ve fallen out of love with running

If you’ve reached this stage, I saw whole heartily from experience, poor you!

Whatever’s happened, running & you are just not getting along. You’ve thrown those shoes in the shed, instead of cleaning them. Your shorts are at the bottom of the washing basket & you don’t care. The Garmin can wait to get charged & you’re ignoring everyone’s Runbook race updates.

If you’ve got the point you just don’t see a way forward then that takes time to repair. But what if you’re just fed up but you think there’s still hope?

The fact is if you’re in this state you knew it was happening. You felt that niggle, you had a bad couple of runs & just brushed it aside but you just didn’t listen.

I burned out after running & I fell deeply in love during my weight loss. 100 calories per miles, erm yes please I’ll take 10!

Fact is I raced too much, I didn’t test up enough & I ignored what my body was telling me. Why? Because everyone was in pain, everyone felt exhausted & sore. Their toe nails were dripping off too, so it was ok, right?

Nope. Dial it back. What are you doing? At what point was a single PB enough? Never, once you worked so hard to get it, it was on to the next…next…next…BLOW OUT!

If you’ve had enough, take some time off. I can only ever advise clients but when they don’t stick to good training or run on injury, guess what. Yeps. Burnout city. I’ve ran with clients to slow them down & even taken my shoes off & handed them over just to prove how to avoid injuries. But I can only do so much.

When you burn out, people tend to blame everyone else. Bad diet, bad kit, over training, under training, lack of sleep, whatever the reason it’s for you to be honest to yourself about it.

If you truly want to get back to your running then go back to the core of why you started.

It was never truly about the weight loss. Yes it helped but I wanted to lose weight to make me feel happy. I wanted to feel in control of my body. I ran to help with my anxiety. I felt empowered by what my body could do. It made me feel good.

Take off the Garmin, grab some gorgeous peeps & go find an adventures. I’m serious. Stop chasing the miles & get back to falling in love. Having all the kit & still hating your runs is pointless. Get back to basics. When’s the last time you saw a horse on your run, or found an apple tree like we did last month?

If your heart cannot even get the shoes on, find a good friend & talk it out. Dealing with disappointments helps us to move past them. Until you get to that point don’t lose your fitness. Get to the pool, the gym, on the basketball court, on a bike anything. Just don’t give up on your health.

Hint: Turn your pace off & turn on calories burned. Track your runs to a minimum of 100 calories per mile with your heart rate monitor on. If you’re burning less then your hearts working too hard so it increases stress hormones to make you stop running. This is why you start disliking running.

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How to heal faster after running accident WARNING Mildly Graphic Pictures

A little tireder than usual…not quite awake…not the right shoes…over training…bad terrain…?

These are the typical reasons I hear in the sports injury clinic for why people have accidents whilst out running.

This wasn’t the case for me, it was just a pure fluke. Yes we have ice about but I had full trail shoes on and I was careful. I just simply turned to say hello to a friend & lost sight of the icy patches.

As a runner I jumped straight up, brushed myself down, pulled up my compression socks & carried on. I only got about 0.1miles away when the adrenaline wore off & the pain kicked in.

Luckily I had arranged to meet friends that morning & once I was brave enough to pull down my compression sock I then realised the full state I was in…I needed help.

With any fitness injury, especially outdoor, the most essential first step, is damage limitation.

As amateur athletes we either all have, or know someone who has carried on when they really shouldn’t of, only to suffer worse in the long term.

On first sight I had a badly graded knee, but I knew the level of blood flow & pain meant I needed to get it check out. This is when the jokes started with the girls! Nearly 6 years as a runner, now a run coach and no injuries. Yes, I was ‘hopping’ mad.

After the nurse in A&E cleaned the area I was made aware there was a deep cut under the kneecap & two more to the left side. I didn’t know gravel can be so dangerous at 10min miles!

Once I had the all clear from the x-ray the pain really started to kick in. I respect that the nurse had my best interests at heart but now the nerve endings were fully exposed & gluing it stung like a *#$?€.

As I hopped back to the car park, dressing on & ego slightly deflated I thought back to a lady i’d treated a while ago after a fall. We spoke about recovery times for her next race, when my concern was permanent damage. “You must RICE” I told her. I always champion the benefits of the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). I often use ice baths in my own training recovery methods, could this work here?

So what we’re my options? I had an open wound so I couldn’t immerse it fully due to the risk of infection. I was fully strapped up by the hospital. So what could I do? Compromise!

With any injury, the worse option is to ignore it, second by do nothing. Your best option for a good recovery & even improves strength after is to take direct action.

Cling film is an amazing tool. With my dressing fully wrapped up I submerged myself in 3 ice baths over the next three days. Each time the dressing was checked after & wrapped over with a compression bandage. I have taken it as easy as possible (difficult in this job) but the key was also to elevate it whilst sleeping.

Three days on & having been told I wouldn’t be mobile for a week, I’m walking fine (ish). There’s bruising but all the damaged tissue is healing fast.

I’ve asked for help where I need it, I’ve stuck to upper body training work & I’m using massage to help the blood flow.

It could have been worse but I know that sometimes the body needs help.

The body has its own medicine & with a good immune system healing times can take a while. When you understand the symptoms of not healing, you can then make an informed choice to help the body.

Symptoms of an infected wound

A qualified physician who deals with non-healing wounds is your best resource for questions about potential infection from a wound that is not healing properly. Symptoms that may indicate an infection include:

• Increasing pain

• Redness and warmth around the wound

• “Oozing” from the wound

• An odor coming from the wound

Yikes! But good to know…

One of the first signs for me was how hot my knee was.

The RICE protocol is one of the most effective methods of helping the body recover after an injury. The body wants self preservation. Think of this like someone has fallen over in the street & 3 people gather round to help, now 8, now 20 now 59…how does the ambulance get through that crowd?? Yeah it’s not helping anyone. The body will go into overdrive for self preservation. You, want to run next weekend…ignoring the injury won’t help it & could cause more damage further down the line. So what can you do to speed up the healing process?


Take the weight off the affected area and reduce your energy output to allow the body to concentrate on healing. (Less energy to heal, longer to heal)


Swelling can be painful. Ice reduces swelling. Always use a barrier between the ice & your skin so you don’t get frostbite. Provided these no open wounds to contend with, every 20 mins in every 60 is a good rule of thumb. For as long as you need relief.


As above, reduces swelling. Less pain & stress on you = faster healing time. Don’t cut off the blood supply or your leg might fall off!


In short gravity takes over. All those people rushing to see who’s fallen over can get there so easily if it’s uphill. Raising the area means less fluids rushing in, less swelling & faster damage repair.

The main factor in any healing process is, what will it cost you not to take care of yourself..?

For me, I have a run filled weekend to look forward to, trust me, no injuries is worth missing out on that for!

My Sports Injury Clinic is open Monday-Friday 6am-9pm, with 10, 30 & 60 mins appointments available.

Call 07989142244 for availability.

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How weight loss is as easy peasy as breathing…science lesson!

Im a big believer in who you surround yourself with is who you become so for years now I’ve been listening to the Jillian Michaels podcasts. Funny, informative & typically health & fitness related.

If you’ve never heard of Jillian Michaels, just know she’s a bad-a$$ fitness trainer & health & wellness ambassador.

So instead of listening to the horrors of the world on the news, my day typically starts with a podcast. Today’s was from back in August. Completely forgot about this episode! In it she talks about this great Ted Talk she listened to. Again, switch off the news, put Ted Talks on. So this Ted Talk is all about the science of losing weight, something that makes me intrigued. I’m a nerd, I’ll read it, learn it, practice it & then put it into my teaching.

So the Ted Talk you need to watch is this, The Mathematics of weight loss by Ruben Meerman. Here’s what you need to know. If you believe that 1+1=2, then this is all you need to know about weight loss. Are you ready for this revelation…?

We all have fat, even runway models. If we didn’t, we would die. It can be anywhere, toes, tummy, wrists, fingers…EVERYWHERE. Think of it like those one size fits all jeans. Everyone has the same size of fat storage. EVERYONE. It just depends how much you choose to store.

Now we could be here a while if I explained the concept of how fat is made but let’s just make peace with the fact that any sugar you eat and don’t burn as energy will sore in your body. Once your body is pretty sure it’s not getting used…it turns it into fat. But you don’t eat a lot of sugar so that’s ok, right?

Another mind blowing fact…sugar is sugar, carbohydrates is sugar, fruit (although in a better form) is sugar. All of the below…that is sugar.

ALL SUGAR…not kidding…

So how is weight loss easy peasy? Well, I won’t spoil the video but I will give the key points. To lose weight we have to use the fat stored in our cells. The ONLY way to do this healthily is to reduce your intake & move more. The clever way to do it is to find a great group of friends who all want the same & to do it with them. Which is why I created the Wolfpack Trackers.

Find your people, learn about the science of weight gain/loss & finally stop this perpetual cycle.

The long & short of it is we lose what’s stored in the fat cells by being consistent. Eat less, move more. But the fascinating point is…in the end we breathe it all out. (Watch the video)

The next Wolfpack Trackers starts in 4 weeks time. Let’s learn the science & get healthy for life, together.

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Always feeling hungry but trying to lose weight?

Yeah, me too!

The best way to combat hunger when you’re trying to lose weight is to eat more. Yep, but more of the right foods.

Protein helps to keep you full and is essential in muscle & tissue repair. To know how much protein you need, use the palm of your hand as a guide per meal. For men use two palms.

When you’re working out you naturally want to eat more. A great way to keep your energy levels up is to up your good fats. I know how crazy that sounds but trust me. Good fats are essential to your immune system. Keeping these topped up will help prevent illness, injury & tiredness, keeping you going.

Lastly, hunger is very similar to thirst. Are you drinking enough? Water can come in many forms; in our food, caffeine free drinks & of course drinking water. Hydrate gradually, write down your daily intake & up it one cup at a time.

These simple tricks help to keep you feeling satisfied, full & energised.

When I’m feeling exhausted, it’s time for a treat. Where I used to go for a pint of ice cream, I now eat the same calories in a different form.

Avocados used to be nasty soap tasting not happenings many years ago. My taste buds were too used to sugar & fake flavours. Now I’m in love & on a day when I’m tired & in need of some comfort, this is one of my go-to treats. It’s like pudding & always makes me feel full, happy & healthy.

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I have a new client who also suffers from fibromyalgia & we recently discussed the benefits of elimination tests.

As a nutritionist I can only advise on the benefits of healthy eating & the best foods available. But as a former sufferer of fibromyalgia as a symptom of my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis I can categorically state that being aware of what foods exasperated my condition is eventually what led to my recovery.
When the immune system is attacking it’s self any assistance you can give the body through; removing known inflamitory foods, increasing micronutrients & improving your digestion, will help the body to recover & repair faster.
Fad diets & replacement shakes made me worse. Good nutrition & progressive exercise helped me slowly to recover.
I’m not a dietitian so I cannot diagnose any health condition. I am only a nutritionist, my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is now in remission & im no longer on 32 daily prescription medications.
List of Nightshade Vegetables & Fruits | LIVESTRONG.COM

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Wolfpack co-hosting #UKRunChat tonight

I’m super excited to be co-hosting the UKRunChat hour tonight with the lovely @writtenbyrach

UKRunChat is a fantastic online running community that started back in 2013 just as I was starting my fitness journey.

I was looking for help & advice with my running, a place I could feel safe & the UKRunChat community were there.

Over the years the community has become an outstanding group of over 57k runners on Twitter alone who are some of the most supportive people I have ever known.

From day one, the ethos of the community has always been to support each other & this just continues to get stronger. With local meet ups & branching into various sports, the team at UKRunChat have gone above & beyond to help their fellow athletes.

It means a lot to me to be able to give back tonight because there’s so many people starting their running journey, just like I was a few years ago. People I didn’t know helped me to keep going when I struggled. I can only hope to inspire or help others too in any way I can.

So it’s time to get your Twitter on & get those questions because we are live tonight at 8pm!! I’m so excited!


The fastest hour of the week takes place on Twitter, Sundays & Wednesday 8-9pm using the hashtag #UKRunChat

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The kids at school made fun of me because my Mum’s fat

True sentence that came out of my sons mouth. Absolutely heartbreaking but completely true, I was heavily overweight. I’m so sorry son. I let you down for so many years. But it will never happen again.

I look appalling squeezing into a size 20 blouse in point blank refusal to go buy a size 22. I was in complete denial that my shoes didn’t fit me leaving agonising marks on my poor feet. I would buy so many beautiful clothes and leave them at the back of the wardrobe, tags still on to wear ‘when I can fit into them’.

But none of that compared to my son telling me how he was bullied in junior school because of my weight. He didn’t even tell me until after I’d lost the weight. He’d put up with it and dealt with it alone so he didn’t have to hurt my feelings.

My poor boy went through all that because I couldn’t get my act together. But things can change and you can be a role model for your children too.

My handsome young man now embraces the same healthy diet as me, he has his own gym membership and trained to complete the coast to coast after falling in love with fitness from my influence.

Lead by example, don’t let your children suffer. Learn about how to get fit and stay healthy. Do it for them so they can learn from you. This way they never have to go through it when they’re older.

Kinda cool that his new college friends called him out for chatting up women in the gym the other day. Red faced when he told them it was his Personal Trainer Mum. Sorry son, guess I’m still embarrassing!!

Wolfpack Weight Loss Tracker starts in just 10 days!!

•Weight Loss Nutrition Coaching Seminar

•Bespoke Nutrition Plan

•8 Weeks Weight Loss Tracker

•At home/Group Workouts

Starts from £25

Love & light

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